marifeHi, and welcome to Let’s enjoy home. My name is Marife and I am passionate about home organizing, cooking, interior design, and anything that can help make being at home an enjoyable experience.

My background is in industrial engineering and it was during these years that I developed a keen understanding of the importance of organization and efficiency.

After getting married and getting my first home, I realized how much I enjoy organizing and making efficient use of my living space. I also realized I had a passion for interior design and creating a warm and comfortable environment.

When we sold our first home, I had a desire to buy a fixer upper and have it remodeled. This home was much smaller than our first home so I really had to learn how to make efficient use of all the space I had available. This is where I could truly see how much I loved home organizing and interior design.

It was then that I decided to start my own home organizing business “Home Organizer Pro”.

Blogging was not part of my original plan because I am not a writer and I am a woman of few words. However, after writing a few blog posts to showcase my credentials, I realized that I enjoy creating content and sharing it online.

As you will see in my writing, I like putting things in order and I hate clutter. I keep our house clean not because I love to clean, but because I like to entertain.

Oh, and I want to mention, although much of this site is about home organizing, I also have learned to love food and enjoy trying almost any type of food from anywhere in the world. So from time to time, I will share some of my favorite recipes.

Home for me is my sanctuary, where I can be myself and feel safe. Because of that, I enjoy being at home.

I want to share my personal experience on how I enjoy being at home. I believe that by sharing my personal experiences and things that are learned over time can help others.


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