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4 Creative Ways On How to Arrange a Small Bedroom with a Queen Bed

This article is about learning how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed to make the most of your small space while creating a cozy atmosphere.

Thinking about getting a queen bed? Maybe you’re moving into a new apartment, or you’re downsizing from your current home and want to make the most of the space you have. Or maybe your current bedroom is a little too small for any other setup. Whatever the reasons for it, having a queen bed as part of your bedroom setup can be beneficial in many ways. In this article, I will share with you on how I arranged our small master bedroom with a queen size bed to make sure that it will still feel cozy and comfortable.

4 Creative Ways How to Arrange a Small Bedroom with a Queen Bed

When in comes to arranging a small room, the first thing that you need to keep in mind is how to maximize space.  Then second, what wall where you are going to position your bed which ideally the wall facing the doorway? Lastly is how to maximize the storage space because a bedroom full of clutter will never feel cozy and comfy.

1. Know Your Room Dimensions

Knowing what size your room is will help you decide where you can put things like dressers and bookshelves, and whether or not there’s enough space for a full-sized bed.  The best way to do this is by measuring the length and width of the room, and then comparing that to the dimensions of your piece of furniture. You can measure from one corner of the room to another corner, or from wall to wall.

If your bedroom is smaller than average, then you might want to consider getting rid of any unnecessary furniture that you have in there now. This will help give you more space for things like a queen bed and other bedroom furniture items.

The picture above is the master bedroom of our first home while the picture below is the room of our current home which is probably 60% smaller than our previous room. It was obvious to me that I would not be able to fit in the two armchairs and the round side table. Therefore I needed to make some changes if I wanted to have a seating area in our current room. Keep reading to know the changes that I made to have a seating area in our small bedroom.

2. Bedroom Arrangement 101

how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed

When you are arranging a small bedroom with a queen bed, you need to follow a few basic guidelines that professional interior designers and home staggers follow.


The first of these is the use of symmetry. Symmetry is used to create a sense of balance and harmony and can be used in your bedroom. The bedroom, especially the master bedroom, should reflect a perfect harmony in your home and the use of symmetry is a great way to achieve that. It will also helps you to maximize the space in your bedroom without sacrificing comfort or style. Furthermore, it will create an organized look by giving your room a balanced feel. The best way to achieve this is by using matching nightstands, small dressers, lamps or pillows.


Matching nightstands on both sides of the bed are the practical ways to add some extra style and flair to your room, while keeping things simple and functional, aside from ensuring a balanced and symmetrical look in your bedroom

You can use one side for everything else you need in your room like books, magazines, electronics and the other side to keep your jewelry or make-up in plain sight.

how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed

However, if you do not have space for two, you can remove one nightstand so you have more space in your small room design.

Bed Position

Professional interior designers will almost always choose the longest wall facing the doorway as an accent wall, a perfect place for your bed because in most cases, this will allow the best traffic flow. The bed is also position in the center of the wall and nightstands are positioned on both sides of the bed.

But you can also place your bed or your nightstand as close to the wall as possible if you want to gain more space that you can use to place your seating area or to position your dresser.


Adding lampshades to your nightstands is a great way to make your bedroom look more stylish, modern, make the room look more complete and sometimes, it can be enough to take your bedroom from “meh” to “WOW!” This is because these lampshades not only provide light in your space but also add a nice touch of color and texture that really brings life to the room. Below are some guidelines when choosing lampshades:

how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed

  • Choose a lampshade with a color that matches well with the other colors in your room.
  • Make sure the size of the shade is appropriate for the size of your table—you don’t want one that’s too large or too small!
  • You can also match them with wall art or you can pick something that contrasts with bed sheets.

Rug Placement

Image Source Pinterest:

The placement of rugs near your bed is a matter of taste, but it can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your bedroom.

The first thing to consider when you’re deciding where to place a rug is whether or not the rug will go under the bed. If it does, you’ll want to make sure that it’s at least 2 feet away from the edge of the bed (or any other furniture) so that there’s enough room for people who are sitting on it—or even just walking by—to move around freely. You’ll also want to make sure that there’s enough space between the edge of the bed and the wall so that no one gets caught up in it when they’re getting out of bed.

Bedroom Storage

You should always have at least one dresser or chest of drawers for clothes in addition to the closet. As much as possible, place a dresser near the door, so you can keep your keys and wallet in easy reach.

If you want to gain more storage space, you can use a dresser as nightstand.

TV Placement

how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed

For a small bedroom there are really limited options to choose from as to where you can place your TV. In most cases the TV is usually placed on top of a dresser so that it doesn’t take up as much floor space as it normally would if placed on its own stand. It can also be mounted on the wall.

Allocate A Seating Area

The best way to create this area is by using furniture that doesn’t take up too much space. A chair or two will usually suffice here; if you have enough room for a couch or chaise lounge, even better! You can also add small tables in this area if you want something more formal than just chairs alone would provide.

how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed

But if you have a long bedroom where you have wider space between your bed and your dresser, the picture above shows the perfect spot for your two chairs.

3. Sketch Your Layout

Now that you know your room dimensions and the basic bedroom furniture arrangement, you can go ahead and sketch your bedroom design ideas. This will allow you to visualize where everything needs to go and it’s also a great way for you and your partner to agree on how you want things positioned in the room.

Start by getting out some paper and pencils or if you’re feeling futuristic, grab a whiteboard or even your computer! You can even use an online room planner. Then sit down with your partner and start sketching out where things should go. You’ll want to figure out what furniture pieces are staying in the room before making any decisions about where they should be placed.

Take also into consideration any special needs or considerations (like whether you have a large closet or window) when deciding where to put things like your bed and dresser. No window or door should be blocked!

Once you’ve sketched out your layout, make sure that each piece of furniture fits nicely into its space and looks good from all angles. You may find that some pieces don’t work as well as others do; maybe the bed is too big for one side of the room or maybe there isn’t enough room for a dresser in one corner. Rearrange them until everything fits comfortably into its new home.

The above pictures are the actual sketches that I made using an app to help me figure out the best bedroom arrangement that I should have.

4. Add Bedroom Decor

Choose decorative pieces that fit in with your color scheme and style, so you can create a cozy atmosphere to relax in after a long day at work. Artwork, flower arrangements, decorative mirrors, pillows and even light fixtures can be used to make your room feel more spacious and comfortable.

  • Artwork can be used to add color and give your room personality. It can also make the room look larger because it draws the eye. You can hang artwork on the walls or place it on shelves or tables.
  • Flowers are a great way to add color and enhance the beauty of a room. Choose flowers that match your existing colors or pick out a new color scheme based on the colors in your artwork or bedding.
  • Decorative mirrors will reflect light and make any room appear brighter and larger than it actually is
  • Pillows add color and texture to any room. Place them on chairs or sofas as well as beds to make them feel more cozy!
  • Light fixtures are another great way to add some extra light into a small room; try using pendant lights over nightstands instead of overhead lights.

How I Arranged Our Small Bedroom With A Queen Bed


how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed

I positioned our bed on the longest wall of our room and placed the nightstand as close as possible to the wall. By doing this, it allowed me to gain more space on the right side that was enough to place the two ottoman and semi-circle table as our seating area.

Ever since I can remember I prefer to use dressers as a nightstands because they provide more storage space . They also help keep your room looking tidy by keeping things out of sight when they’re not in use. Having a place where you can store all your clothing means that you won’t be tempted to leave things lying around on the floor or on top of your dresser—which makes tidying up easier!

how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed


To add some interesting detail in our space, I hanged photo canvas above the ottoman and flower arrangement on top of the table with the same color as our table lamps, decorative pillow and throw blanket. Since our room is on the smaller side, I really do not have space for a rug so I decided not have use one.

how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed

I also positioned our dresser on the opposite of our bed making it the perfect place for our TV.


I hope that this article has given you some tips on how to arrange a small bedroom with a queen bed as well as some decorating tips and ideas for maximizing your space and creating a relaxing environment. The most important thing is to make sure you’re comfortable and that you have everything you need within reach. Now its your turn to make your room feel like home!

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