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10 Beautiful Ideas To Create A Beach Themed Living Room On A Budget

This guide to creating a beach themed living room on a budget is about creating a coastal style home using affordable home decor.

When you think about tropical destinations, the first thing that comes to mind is sandy beaches. When you look at a picture of a beach as your inspiration for creating a beach-themed living room, it’s easy to think that you need lots of blue, aqua and green hues in order to achieve the right effect. The good news? This isn’t necessarily true. However, while you don’t need to go overboard with those particular hues, there are some principles to creating a beach-inspired living room without breaking the bank.

Let’s take a look at how you can achieve this look with practical beach decor and a budget-friendly ways

10 Beautiful Ideas To Create A Beach Themed Living Room On A Budget

1. Add a pop of color with your furniture and decor

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For many people, the first step to creating a beach-inspired room is to paint the walls or add wallpaper in blue, aqua or green hues. However, while this is one way to add colour to your space, you can also do so with your furniture and accessories. For example, you could opt for a blue or aqua sofa.


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Alternatively, you could choose a white sofa and then accessorize it with throw pillows in a blue or green hue to add a pop of color to your sofa. Another way to add color to your living room is to use accessories like artwork, table lamps, vases, and decorative pieces. For example, an aqua vase could be a great addition to your table.

2. Incorporate Natural Elements

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Driftwood is a great symbol of the beach, as it is commonly found along shorelines. You can incorporate this into your living room by adding pieces to your wall décor.You could also transform the driftwood into a beautiful decor wall mirror just like the picture above.

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You could also add pieces of driftwood to your shelving or bookcases. If you’re lucky enough to find a piece that has barnacles or even a crab or sea urchin attached to it, you have found the perfect piece of beach style decor. Another item that is commonly found at the beach is seashells. You can incorporate them into your living room in many ways.

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You could use them as decorative pieces on your shelves and tables, or you could frame them and use them as wall décor just like the picture above.

3. Choose Large Sisal or Jute Rug

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If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere in your home, you can do so by installing a sisal or jute rug in your living room. These rugs have a natural texture and are perfect for adding a beachy vibe to your home. Additionally, they are affordable, so they won’t put a strain on your budget.

If you can find an area rug with blue stripes just like the picture above, it can make a completely white living room cozier. The pop of colors from the blue accent chairs, pillow and decor can give it a modern coastal look.

A sisal rug is an especially good choice if you have pets because they are very durable. You don’t have to worry about your dog or cat ruining the rug because it can withstand even their sharp claws. Additionally, sisal rugs have excellent thermal properties, so they keep your floors cozy in the winter and prevent them from getting too hot in the summer.

4. White And Blue Color Scheme

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Utilize a white and blue color scheme for the beach themed living room. This color combination has a cooling effect, which is perfect for a tropical or beach-themed decor. Pairing white with blue gives a look of the ocean, and the white also helps to keep the room cooler. You can add a burst of color with artwork, throw pillows, or decorative accessories. The white color represents purity and innocence, while the blue hue symbolizes peace and tranquility.

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You can also use these hues to create a nautical look or to have a coastal feel living space as both are commonly found on boats and ships. This living space design features white and blue furniture, such as the couch and the arm chair, as well as blue patterned pillows, blue wooden coffee tables, and white cabinet with blue vases. The white and blue hues are also evident in the artwork, such as the framed blue and white patterned wall mural, the blue and white stripes rug.

5. Go For Light Colors

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You want to create a beach-inspired living room without going overboard with blue, aqua, and green hues. To do this, go for light colors instead, such as white, sand, or beige. For example, the walls of your living room could be painted a light color or you could choose wallpaper in a light hue. If you choose wallpaper, you can use a very light pattern to avoid looking too busy. Your couch could be white or sand colored as well. If you choose a sand color, you can use throw cushions with cool blues or green hues to add a pop of color to your space.

6. Incorporate Palm Leaves And Other Plants

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Adding palm leaves to your living room decor is not only a simple way but one of the beach themed living room decor ideas that will not hurt your budget. You could use them to line a bookshelf, you could arrange them in a decorative vase on your coffee table or simply place your indoor house tree plants into decorative wicker baskets.

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You could also incorporate other plants into your home décor in order to create the coastal home look. For example, you could use a potted plant on your bookshelf or table, a potted succulent will be a great addition to your beachy decor.

7. Include some metallic accents or objects

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If you want to create a beach-inspired living room, there are lots of ways you can incorporate metallic elements. You could use a metallic throw pillow cover to add a pop of color to your space.

For example, you could use a gold accent pillow on your white couch. You could also use gold lantern to your coffee table and paired with a gold floor lamp and gold porcelain stool to add a beach-inspired touch to your living room.

The above picture shows, how easily you can make your space feel coastal by just adding few accessories and following the coastal theme color palette by

8. Using Wall Art And Art Prints

You could frame some of your favorite photographs, or you could paint some landscapes to incorporate into your living room décor. You could paint landscapes or use photographs that feature sandy beaches and palm trees.

If you want an easier route, simply buy this picture framed wall art from Amazon to make a gallery wall that will immediately provide the beachy feel that you have been wanting for.

9. Installing Natural Lighting

This idea may not be that budget friendly but natural light is one of the important elements in every home most especially if you want to achieve a coastal style vibe and feel. It is definitely worth the investment.

To create a beach-inspired living room, the perfect way to do so is by installing natural lighting. The easiest way to do this is to install a skylight in your ceiling. You could also install large windows with a view of a beach, or you could opt for outside artificial lighting such as a patio light.

10. Use Neon Colors For A Pop Of Color

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If you want to create a beach looking space but don’t want to use blue, green, or aqua hues, you could use neon colors such as pink, yellow, and red.

You could frame or put art prints or photographs on your walls featuring colors such as tropical flowers, pink flamingos, and palm trees. Neon colors are also great if you want to create a retro beach-inspired living room just like the picture above.  The living space itself has a very unique style with lots of interesting colors but at the same time you can still see and feel the beach house look and vibe.


Creating a beach themed living room on a budget is a great way to create a relaxing and tropical atmosphere in your home during the winter months.

You do not need to spend a lot of money to have coastal vibe for your living room because all you need is to use natural materials such as driftwood, sea shells, palm leaves, and other plants.

Getting a beachy vibe color scheme can also be done using throw pillow cases, vases, lamps, and alike.

Do not forget to add some natural lighting to truly create a tropical atmosphere in your home. Then voila, you are going to have beach themed living room!


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