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Best Under Bed Storage Products That Will Utilize Your Under Bed Space

Let’s say you finally decided that you are going to have a clean and well organized bedroom. You have saved enough money to buy under bed storage organizing products that will help you to store your seasonal clothes, shoes, and bedding. Basically, all of the items you cannot fit into your closet. Then you open up your laptop to buy the products online or you jump into your car and head to your nearest home goods store or nearest container store. All of sudden you realize that there are a lot of under bed storage products to choose from!

There are under bed storage solutions with similar design but they each come with different sizes, some with decent price and some are very expensive.

You can find similar products with different sizes, from the not so expensive to the very expensive, from products that look ok to the products that you will buy because you like the way they look. If you buy things just because of their esthetic look and don’t consider their function, you will end up with storage bins that just occupy a lot of space but not meeting your needs. It will just be a waste of money.

What You Need to Know Before You Start Buying Under Bed Storage

  1. Your budget: There is no need not to buy expensive organizing products. Buy only what you need.
  2. Standard Width and Length of your bed frame: Dimension may vary depending on the design.
    • Twin – 39″ W x 75″ L
    • Full – 54″ W x 75″ L
    • Queen – 60″ W x 80″ L
    • King – 76″ W x 80″ L
    • Cal King – 72″ W x 84″ L
  3. Height of your bed frame: The height between the floor and bottom front rail or the
    The diagram below will illustrate the height between the floor or the bottom side rail.


Remember: Height is dependent on the design of your bed frame. If you want to fully utilize the space under your bed, it is necessary for you to know these measurements. This will help you to know not only what type of storage products to buy but the sizes and number of bins that can fit in under the bed.

Queen Size: Storage Space of 11.6″

bedIf you have a similar bed frame you have a total area under your bed of 5,001 sq.inch (34.7 sq.ft) that you can utilize using storage products with a height of 11.5” or less.

Note: Below is a list of products to utilize the whole under bed space. Only buy what you need.


Refer to the illustration below to see a list of under bed storage products equal to or less than 11.5” in height that you can buy to utilize your 34.7 sq. ft. under bed space.

Under bed storage productsIllustration 1: You can buy the following:
4 Product A (Long Collapsible Storage Boxes),
1 Product B ( Low Profile Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer- set of 2)
2 Product C (Amazon Basics Zippered Storage Bag with Window)









Product A – Long Collapsible Storage Boxes – made of special cationic fabric with sturdy plastic board inside covered with oxford lining and clear PVC lid. It also has multiple handles, label pocket and lockable zip (dust proof) which is ideal for under bed storage. It is long enough to store your seasonal clothes, bedding, duvet, others.

Under bed storage productsProduct B – Low Profile Under Bed Shoe Storage Organizer– set of 2 – made of polyester with plastic structure with firm sides and lockable zip. It has adjustable compartments which you can store your different style of shoes or can be used as storage bins for extra towels, linens or seasonal clothes. You can stack up the two shoe storage organizers because they have firm sides which make it sturdy.

storageProduct C – Amazon Basics Zippered Storage Bag with Window – made of high quality breathable canvas fabric and high quality handles. It has a clear window for easy viewing of items inside the box as well as a lockable zipper to keep dust and moisture out. The height of this storage box is just perfect to fully maximize the space between the floor and the bottom side rail.

Queen Size: Storage Space of 7″

queen size bed



illustration 2Illustration 2: You can buy the following:
2 Product E or F (Adjustable Dividers Storage Organizer With Sturdy Structure or Soft Fabric Under Bed Storage Organizer Holder Bag),
4 Product D ( Wheeled Latching Box Clear)








product for storage


Product D- Wheeled Latching Box Clears(set of 4) – The size of this storage will give you an efficient use of your under bed space. It is made of clear plastic material which allows for easy viewing of stored items.


Product E – Vailando Adjustable Dividers Storage Organizer With Sturdy Structure – set of (2) – made of durable material with multiple handles, stainless steel zipper and clear top view which make it ideal for under bed storage. It keeps all contents neat because it comes with dividers and a hard bottom plate.

storage Product F – Soft Fabric Under Bed Storage Organizer Holder Bag – this is also a good option to buy because it has 4 sections which also keep contents neat with a 2 way zippered lid and easy view top panel.

Under Bed Storage with Easy Accessibility Design:

Below are some of the few under bed storage products that give easy access for stored items because of their wheel design and smooth gliding drawer pull features. This makes the products easy and convenient to use.


Under the Bed Storage Bin On Wheels – made of polyester material with PVC top with zipper enclosure. The wheel features and multiple handles make this bin ideal for under bed storage. It will give you easy access and convenience while using it.

Under the Bed Storage Bin On Wheels

SLAKT – Storage Seat Section – if you have under bed storage of at least 14″ then this will be perfect. It is multi function so you can use as a storage bin and a chair at the same time. Ideal for small bedroom and for your young adult kids room.

SLAKT – Storage Box with Casters

SLAKT – Storage Box with Casters – this is a good pair with the Storage Seat to fully maximize your under bed space but it is ideal to make a small bedroom functional. You can use as a storage bin and as a table.

Under Bed Clothing Storage Cart Rolling Drawers

Under Bed Clothing Storage Cart Rolling Drawers– for under bed storage, this is used as storage to protect your items such as clothes and bedding from dust. This storage cart’s rolling drawers comes with fabric storage bags with a detachable design plus it has a durable zipper that you can use when dust proofing is needed. It also comes with 360 degree wheels which makes the cart easy to slide on the floor or even on the carpet.

Creproly storage Containers

Creproly Under-bed Storage Box with Wheels/Rolling Under-bed Storage Containers – if you want a bigger option for a storage cart with rolling drawers this is the product for you. You can store large items such pillowcases and heavy items up to 3 to 6 kg. It also comes with detachable fabric storage with a double zipper and wheel design which is convenient and labor saving.

DONCO Kids Dual Drawer

DONCO Kids Dual Under Bed Storage Drawer – this is ideal for a kids bedroom to store their toys and items that don’t need to be protected from dust. It can definitely add a nice esthetic feature in your kids bedroom while hiding their toys when not in use.

Under bed storage products Box Chest Drawer

Under Bed Box Chest Drawer– set of 2 – the extra long design of this chest drawer makes it ideal to meet any storage need. You can also stack it which can help you to maximize the usage of space plus the smooth glide drawer pull feature is great to ease accessibility.

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