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Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room: Our Living Room Christmas Decor 2021

If you’re looking for Christmas decor ideas for the living room, this article will show you our living room Christmas decor this year. This is about how to create a holiday atmosphere in your living room this coming Christmas.

The living room is considered as the heart of your home all year round, but it is even extra special during the Christmas season. It is not only the perfect spot for intimate family gatherings, but also a perfect place to put your beautiful Christmas tree. And if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace just like me,  it will be an extra reason to make your living room feel cozier for the holidays. For these reasons, it is only right to fill your space with an extra dose of joy this Christmas.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of Christmas decor ideas for your living room. I will share with you a few simple Christmas decor ideas that can easily be followed. I hope that my living room Christmas decor for this year inspires you to keep your space happy and bright and celebrate this special occasion with style.

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Christmas Decor Ideas For Living Room: Place Your Christmas Tree Beside The Fireplace

Whether you are a fan of an artificial Christmas tree or you want the real thing, the best place for your Christmas tree is beside the fireplace. Why? The fireplace is usually the focal point of any living room and since the Christmas tree is the centerpiece of your holiday decoration, it is only right that your Christmas tree should be the center of attention. In my case, I placed my Christmas tree not necessarily beside the fireplace but right next to the accent chair. If I moved the chair to have a spot for my Christmas tree then my Christmas tree would be in the way.

If you do not have a fireplace, you just need to identify the focal point of your living room (which is usually where the TV is located for most homes). You may need to move some furniture in order to feature your Christmas tree. It is necessary to shift the focal point of your living room to the tree, just for this time period to feel the happiness that a well placed Christmas tree can bring.

For a small living room, a corner will be a good spot for a small size Christmas tree, still visible and most importantly, it is out of the pathway.

Decorate Your Christmas Tree

  1. Gather all your decorating supplies like ornaments, hooks, floral wire, scissors, ribbons and other Christmas tree decor,
  2. Add layers of lights – When it comes to decorating your Christmas tree, you can never go wrong with lights. However, you need to make sure that all lights are working first before you even put them on the tree.
  3. Use ribbons and burlap deco mesh as garland on your Christmas tree – They are the cheapest and easiest way to change the style of your tree each year. Do not be intimidated by these two, ribbons and burlap deco mesh, you just need to familiarize and feel them so you would know how to wrap it around the tree. There are also a lot of tutorials that you can watch from YouTube and once you use them more often, you will find that they are the easiest to way to add a luxurious style and feel to any Christmas tree. Below are some of the basic steps on how to use  burlap deco mesh  on  your tree.
    • Hold the deco mesh and make a 5 inch tall loop on the end and fan-fold them into one hand.
    • Starting at the top of the tree, use the branches of an artificial tree to tie them up, if you have a real tree use tinsel roping to tie the fan fold deco mesh into the tree. Then, work your way down by using a roughly 12 to 16 inches length of deco mesh to make a poof and tie them on a diagonal direction to another branch. As you work your way down, imagine water flowing from the waterfall because the water flows in different direction. Therefore your ribbon or deco mesh should also go into a different direction.
    • Repeat this process and trim the ribbon or deco mesh when you get to the bottom. Do not forget to leave room to make a nice loop like what you did at the top.
    • For the different sections of the tree, repeat the same process and do not afraid to bend the rules. I used two different colors of deco mesh and ribbons as my garland and tie them all together every time they intersect with one another. Below are the different garlands that I use to wrap my tree:
      • Gold burlap deco mesh (I used this one for my 2020 Christmas tree).
      • Red and white stripe burlap deco mesh (I used this for my 2019 Christmas tree)
      • 4 inch Wired check ribbon and 6 inch red velvet wired ribbon (I bought them after Christmas of 2020 at 50% discount).
    • You can finish the garland by attaching bows where you tied them up into the tree. In my case, I just used ornaments with a floral wire on it to finish up my garland.
  4.  Then start adding ornaments and other Christmas decorations and do not be afraid to mix them up together. Also, try nestling them into branches instead of putting them on the tips of the branches. You actually need to strategically place them apart to make your tree look more even and cohesive.
    • Different sizes of ornaments and color coordinated decor will give different dimensions to your tree which will make your Christmas tree more interesting and more stylish.
  5. Use multiple picks that are grouped together, they usually look better than a single pick on its own. Combine three various types of selections to see what you can come up with. In my case, I bought a Poinsettia pick with greenery and a white rose and I used them as my Christmas Topper.

Coordinate Your Christmas Mantel Decor With Rest of Your Holiday Decor

  1. The fireplace will always be the focal point in your living room. Dressing up your mantel with simple garland, candles and simple Christmas stockings will create a cozy and warm feeling every time your family and friend are around the fireplace. This is my inspiration for this year for my Christmas Mantel decoration.
  2. Use the same color themes that you use in your Christmas tree for your mantel and with the rest of your living room decoration. This will make your space feel comfortable and unified.
  3.  Below are some of the Christmas Decor Ideas for your Mantel that are easy to follow. These could be perfect for the style that you would like to achieve this Christmas:
    • Christmas Mantel in a Vintage Style– if you already have a mirror above your fireplace, this will be the perfect Christmas mantel to have. Just lay garland on your mantel, place a few candles on top and finish it up with Jingle Bell, Gold Finish Metal Garlands.

      Image Source: Pinterest

    • Farmhouse Style Christmas Mantel – Decorate your mantel with fresh garland, classic Christmas stockings and ever beautiful Christmas lights around it. Then finish up with the use of a large leaning farmhouse wall sign above your fireplace and wooden candlesticks on each side.
      Christmas Decor Ideas

      Image Source: Pinterest

    • Like a minimalist Christmas Mantel Look? Try this Scandi Christmas decor.

      Image Source: Pinterest

    • No Mantel? No Problem – Consider a mantelpiece as an alternative for the fireplace. You just need a bit of creativity and the right Christmas decor and accessories. You will be able to transform your console TV stand, bar cart or even your bookshelf above your sofa as a focal point in any space.

      Image Source: Pinterest

Centerpiece with a Christmas Theme

Swap out your coffee table art books for a collection of small Christmas miniatures around the holidays to create a lot of visual interest. I repurposed my star Christmas topper, placed my small collection of nutcrackers, candles and other accessories inside my decorative tray. I also decorated the two glass candle holders on top of my shadow box with garland.

Below are some of the stunning Christmas Decor Ideas for your coffee table:

  • Neutral furnishing with pops of colors, textured miniatures and natural evergreens adds a lively touch to Christmas home deocr.

Image Source: Pinterest

Christmas Decor Ideas To Create Wow-Inducing Windows

There’s more to Christmas decor than just sprucing up your mantel! I spiced up my living room window by adding window curtain string lights with a warm white glow. The curtain light definitely makes every family night’s gathering lovely and festive. Christmas lights or string lights can make your living room magical and festive at night but you need to also make a plan how to hide those cords.Visible cords inside the living room is a big No No because they will be an eye sore in day time. Your space should be beautiful both day and night!

I used Command Clear Mini Light Clips to hang my curtain string lights. I attached the light clips around the edge of the window frame behind the window blinds in order to hide the strings of the curtain lights. Plus, it also helps to avoid the need to drill holes in the wall. Then, I measured the total width of the window to know the exact spacing of each hook.

If it happens that your curtain lights are longer than the width of your window just like in my case, use cable twist ties to fold the excess strings in between lights to come up with the exact width of the window. In this way, your curtain string lights fit perfectly in the window.

The curtain string lights in the window gives my living room a festive and romantic atmosphere, we just can’t help ourselves to enjoy the coziness.

Christmas Decor Ideas

Christmas Decor Ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Dressing up each of your windows with a gorgeous Christmas wreath is also the best and easiest way to add holiday spirit in your space.

Space-Saving Christmas Decor Ideas

Do you have a Christmas village house or are you planning to have a collection but have no space for them in your living room? My mother in law just recently gave us her Christmas house collection and I was so happy to receive all of them! Since we only have a small living room, I decided to create a little Christmas village beneath our Christmas tree.  These little houses really give a nostalgic feel every time we look at them and I really love to look at them especially when everything is lit up.

Note: I hid the all the Christmas house light cords underneath the Christmas snow roll.

Below are some of villages that I found online that I would like to buy if I can find the space but I am happy to share them with you:

Christmas Decor IdeasGalvanized House Decorative Figurine Silver – The perfect accent to your rustic Christmas decor is this little farmhouse figurine. It’s made of galvanized metal and measures just over 9 inches tall by 4 inches wide, with window and door cutouts.

The Pioneer Woman Christmas Village DecorationChristmas Decor Ideas – A trip to The Mercantile, Ree Drummond’s real-life shop and restaurant. This beautiful village set will make you feel as if you’re on a journey there.

Christmas Decor IdeasTraditional Wooden Christmas Scene With Moving Train (Personalized)-  If you enjoy Christmas train rides, this charming winter picture will look great on your mantel or coffee table.

Christmas Decor IdeasGriswold Holiday House from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
Recreate Clark Griswold and his family’s perplexing and amusing world with a hand-painted “Holiday House” that appears virtually identical to the movie’s backdrop.

Christmas Decor IdeasThe Christmas Village of Charles Dickens – Here’s a set for those of you who are a little older! This intricate village pays homage to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Scrooge and Marley’s “Counting House” is included, while Ebenezer and Tiny Tim miniatures can be purchased separately.

Christmas Decor Ideas For  Your Dining Table Centerpiece

If you have an open concept floor plan where you can see your dining room and kitchen from your living room, then it is necessary to have coordinated Christmas decor in the entire area. The dining table Christmas centerpiece should use also be unified with the rest of the living room decorations.

You also need to know how busy your dining table will be during your family holiday gatherings. If you and your family use the dining table just to eat, talk and laugh then a Christmas centerpiece that cannot be moved easily is for you. Elegant long garland laying across the entire table all the way down and finishing up with vintage brass candlesticks around the table. Using black, white and a touch of gold will create a cozy but elegant Christmas style.

Christmas Decor Ideas

Image Source Pinterest

For us, the dining table is not only used for eating, talking and laughing. We use the dining table as our family game area as well. We like to play board and card games that every time we gather as a family. So I need to have a dining Christmas table centerpiece that can be moved easily and put it aside every time we need to turn the dining table into a game area. So I used my wooden serving tray with handle as a base that acts like my table runner. I wrap a ribbon around it and finished it up with a bow on the handle to tie it together with my Christmas tree. Then, I added my current obsession right now metal truck table decor with candle holder that I bought at Walmart and placed bottle brush trees around it. I really like what I have come up with because it is a centerpiece that I can move around quickly aside from the fact that it looks simple but has classic beauty!

Florals for the Holidays

A beautiful arrangement of poinsettia will provide holiday happiness to any room. I have one that I have placed on the top of the end table besides the sofa and another floral arrangement on our staircase. Plus I used Poinsettia picks as my Christmas topper.

I hope that this inspires you to turn your living room into a merry and bright space this coming Christmas. Merry Christmas and may God Bless us all, always!

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