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Christmas Decorating Ideas For The Home And Christmas Home Tour

Are you looking for Christmas decorating ideas for the home? This article will show you everything you need to know to make your home look perfect at Christmas. These are easy Christmas decor ideas for anyone. Decorating for Christmas does not need to be complicated to be beautiful.

I will also share with you the start of my Christmas decorating journey and I hope that you will see the transition of my decorating skills. If you are new home owner or this will be your first Christmas decorating a home, this will help you to start honing your decorating skills. If you want to get Christmas decorating ideas to start, then this article is for you.

Of course, the first time doing anything can be a little nerve-racking even decorating your own house for the first time. I know that feeling trust me! Your excited about transforming your home and giving it that holiday spirit by putting festive Christmas decor in every inch of your home! However, you’re doubting your decorating skills and your choices. I can tell you, what you are feeling right now is normal. Even so, you can pull it together! Just make sure that you enjoy the whole process of decorating your home with beautiful Christmas decor.

Christmas is a very special day because this is the season where we celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. It is the time of the year that we share the love and hope that we are going to inherit eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ. Because of this, the spirit of forgiving, love and giving spreads as well. This is also the same reason why you can never go wrong when decorating your home to celebrate this very special occasion. Why? If you do things out of the love you have for doing the task, it will always end up well. So do not be afraid to start your Christmas decorating journey and if you keep doing it, just like any other thing, your decorating skills will improve over time. As the old saying goes, practice makes perfect!

6 Christmas Decor Ideas To Start With

1. Start With the Basics: Putting Up The Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree is classic Christmas decor that will definitely be a big help to bring the joy of the holiday season into your house. Every time we see a well decorated Christmas tree, it never fails to put a smile in our faces. However, choosing a Christmas tree theme is never easy and some of it can be very hard to pull it all together so better start with the classic Christmas theme, red and green colors. From there, you can add other traditional colors that are associated with Christmas such as:

  • Gold  and Silver – gold represents the gift given to the baby Jesus while silver represents the star.
  • White – is a color that symbolizes purity and peace.
  • Blue – represents the sky and heaven.

The ideal time to put up the Christmas tree is usually after Thanksgiving but if you are planning to have a real tree consider putting it up two weekends after the Thanksgiving. This is to be on the safer side to prevent your real tree from drying out before Christmas day.

2. Decorate The Front Of Your Home

From a simple hanging wreath on your front door to putting up blow up Christmas yard decorations, each will make your house look extra festive. The good thing about hanging a wreath on your front door is that it signifies a friendly welcome to your beloved guests and for us Christians,  the wreath is also a representation of our faith. While many experts say to hang a wreath at a particular time. For me though, I hand it when I feel like it since the wreath signifies a lot of beautiful things. For the blow up Christmas yard decorations, it’s definitely better to put these up two weeks before Christmas because inflatables deflate in winter rain or snow.

3. Hanging Christmas Lights

Just like the Christmas Tree, the colorful Christmas lights we see at Christmastime never fails to cheer us up. Normally, hanging Christmas lights usually occurs after thanksgiving celebration but due to this Covid 19 pandemic, many are now putting up their Christmas lights and lighting them up even before Thanksgiving. According to CORDIS, decorative lights from the Christmas tree triggers happy chemicals in our brain. Since Covid 19 kept so many people home for a long period of time and many were afraid to go out, it’s great that our home can be a source of happiness that we all yearn for. Putting up Christmas lights will definitely make your home look cheerful and definitely help you to create those happy hormones. Now you can enjoy your Christmas lights for a longer time!

4. Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Mantle

Image Source: Pinterest

The fireplace is usually the focal point in your living room and with simple Christmas mantel decor, your fireplace will definitely be an eye catcher. Below are some of the Christmas decorating  ideas for your mantel that I found on Pinterest that are easy to follow:

Laying faux red berry garland in your mantel is the easiest way to add some festive color in your living room. Add a few white candles to complete the timeless and classy Christmas theme.

Image Source: Pinterest

Laying your traditional pre-lit garland on the mantel with a few Christmas pieces and a Christmas banner will definitely add a warm and a cozy feel to your Christmas decorations.

Image Source: Pinterest

Image Source: Pinterest

Combining your traditional garland, ornaments and Christmas stockings looks fabulous.

If you are considering non-traditional garland, try felt ball garland and combine it with different colors of mini sisal brush Christmas trees.

5. Christmas Decorating Ideas For Your Dining Room Table

The dining table is where your loved ones and friends gather and where we all create wonderful memories during Christmas. So making your dining table festive by adding a few simple Christmas decorations will make this holiday even more special and memorable to everyone. Below are some of the simple and easy to follow Christmas decorating ideas for you dining table, again thank you to Pinterest!

Image Source: Pinterest

Using an affordable roll of burlap as a table runner and topping it with bendable garland, a few scented pine cones and 3 large glass candle holders with white candles will definitely add elegance to your dining area.

Image Source: Pinterest

Adding a plaid table runner, 3 snow dusted mini tresses and two wooden candle stands with white candles will surely create inviting ambiance for your loved ones.

Image Source: Pinterest

If you like simple and decor that is easy to move around and easy to put it back after cleaning it off, then this decor idea is for you.

6. Christmas Decorating Ideas: Festive Pillows To Decorate The Rest Of The House

Image Source: Pinterest

Festive Pillow In the Entryway – Add a festive pillow on top of the bench together with some Christmas decor will definitely give instant, festive ambiance to your entry way.

Image Source: Pinterest

Decorative festive pillows on your bed helps to create a perfect cozy and inviting atmosphere into your bedroom. You will not be able to wait so that you can bundle up in your most comfortable nightwear and sleep for as long as you can. At the same time, you will not be able to wait to wake up because will be excited to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year!

Image Source: Pinterest

Aside from Christmas lights, blow up Christmas yard decorations, Christmas tree, and a few festive pillows on your porch swing makes your whole house look so inviting and cozy that even Santa Clause will have a hard time not to stop and take a few minutes of rest.

Christmas Home Tour

Here I will show you my first Christmas decor that I have ever done. Do not get me wrong, I had some Christmas decorating experienced before I got married but during that time, I was not really enjoying the process or should I say, I was just going through the process. However, after I got married and we bought our first home, for some reason I had a different feeling towards decorating. I wanted to make sure that our house would have the holiday spirit and for the first time, I was so excited about choosing our first Christmas tree as a couple, buying some ornaments, ribbons, and some other Christmas decorative pieces. I also looked on YouTube for different ways to decorate a Christmas tree and I looked at numerous inspirational photos in Pinterest. Below are some of the photos of Christmas decoration from our previous homes:

I used white ribbon with wire edge to decorate my Christmas tree using a crisscross method.  The crisscrossed ribbon created an appearance that the tree was full and densely decorated. Ribbons also added an elegant design, texture and color making the Christmas tree look lavishly beautiful.

I also used the traditional garland and combined them with ornaments and Christmas stockings. I decided to use white Christmas stockings to match with the white ribbon that I used for my Christmas tree. And to make our fireplace look even more festive, I added 3 different sizes of lanterns and filled them half way with some ornaments and added some plaid ribbon at the top.

For our TV stand, I put few white candles with different heights and sizes and surrounded them with faux red berry garland. Then I put a white poinsettia arrangement that I bought at Michael’s store on our coffee table together with other living room decor.

For our hallway, I decorated the staircase railing with pre-lit soft garland and tied it up using plaid ribbon and placed a bunch of red poinsettia in a decorative vase.

When we sold our first house, we leased a condo while we were looking for our second house. The condo was half the size of our first house and there was no fireplace. So what I did is I put the garland that  I previously used to decorate our mantel on top of couch and then added some ribbon and ornaments on it. I hung the Christmas stockings on our TV stands together with ball ornaments with ribbons. I also hung a wreath in the window. The centerpiece for our coffee table was same as before the only difference was I added a few Christmas nutcrackers. Obviously, the small space did not stop me from using all my Christmas decorations! For me there is no such thing too many Christmas decorations, the more the merrier!

Then this was my Christmas tree on our 2nd year in the condo and this time I got the confidence to finally use burlap deco mesh. That year I got a lot of compliments for my Christmas tree! Practice makes perfect is not only a saying but it really works so keep honing your decorating skills and every year you will notice that your decorating skills are improving. How do you know? You will receive a lot of compliments from friends and family and they will tell you that your tree is as beautiful as the tree in the Christmas store.

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