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10 Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer Ideas: Different Ways To Maximize A Drawer’s Full Storage Potential

This guide on deep kitchen drawer organizer ideas is about the the different ways that you can use to fully maximize your kitchen drawer’s storage potential. Kitchen drawers when properly utilize are considered to be the most accessible and flexible storage equipment to store your kitchen essentials. They provide ideal ergonomic storage because you do not need to bend down or stretch up to view what you have. Simply open the drawer, look down and you will immediately see all of the items inside. Using a few organizers and a little bit of creativity, deep kitchen drawers can hold almost all of your essentials.

Large or deep drawers can be utilized for various kitchen items such as pots and pans, dishes, lids, plastic ware, small appliances, food or baking sheets.  By just using one easy pull out motion it can help you save time. This is the reason why many people love to use their kitchen drawers. Below are some of the deep kitchen drawer organizer ideas that will help you to maximize the space and help them to reach their full storage potential.

10 Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer Ideas

1.  Allocate Your Deep Kitchen Drawers To Store Bulky Kitchen Items Using Peg Organizer

Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Bulky kitchen items such as pots and pans are typically placed inside a kitchen cabinet which makes these bulky kitchen items hard to access. You need to actually pull out a few other pots to access pans that store behind. However, keeping them in a drawer allows you to quickly access the items which makes your deep kitchen drawers ideal for storing your cooking pots and pans. All you need is to use a peg board system. This peg organizer will help you to keep your pots and pans and other bulky kitchen items in place inside your deep kitchen drawers.

To avoid losing the lids or looking for the lids, stack them on top of the pot. You can also utilize your deep drawer to store your large appliances together with their complete attachments.

2.  A Perfect Home For Your Plates and Dishes

Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Plate drawer inserts, such as a peg organizer, are a brilliant solution to store your plates and dishes in your deep kitchen drawer. The peg organizer, will help you to store your dishware in the same manner that you can store saucepans in a deep kitchen drawer, as it will help your plates and dishes to stay in place every time you access your drawer.

3. Add Dividers On Your Kitchen Drawers


Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Use dividers  to separate items in your deep kitchen drawers. Things stored inside a drawer will be easily organized if they have their own compartment.  To keep things from sliding around every time you use your drawer, line the bottom of your kitchen drawer with a non-skid liner.

4. Use Tall Containers and Label Them

Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Purchase tall containers that fit inside the drawer. Measure the dimension of your deep kitchen drawer (length x width x height) and look for containers that almost have the same height of your drawer and a width and length that fill-up the whole drawer space. Dry ingredients such as pasta, rice, and cereals are some of the few food items that are ideal to store in these containers. However, you need to label each container by its contents and expiration date. Then place the label on top or on the container lid so know exactly what container to pull out.

5. Buy Stackable Drawer Organizers Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Using a stackable kitchen drawer organizer is a brilliant technique to maximize your deep kitchen drawer. These types of kitchen drawers will help to provide you with a much better view of what’s inside while at the same time allowing you to have easy access to everything. If you’re enable to find the items you need on the first level, lift or slide the top organizer out of the way to access the second level. Keep the items that are used most at the top and the not so frequently used items keep at the bottom. In this way, you will rarely have to lift or slide the top organizer out of the way to access the second level when you can not find what you are looking for on the first level. However, do not go over board, make sure you only need to move one thing to go to the next. The more items that you have to move the greater the chance that you will avoid to going underneath. Plus this create an even greater chance that you will not put the items back properly. Click here to find drawer organizers on Amazon.com

6. Store Your Glasses And Cups

Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

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Glasses and coffee cups are also ideal to store in a large kitchen drawer, especially if you want to have a drink station at home. Simply allocate a drawer near to your coffee machine and fill the drawer with your favorite coffee cups, coffee, spoons, glasses and anything that you would like to use to create a perfect drinking station.

7. Utilize Your Kitchen Drawers For Your Cooking Sauces

Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

If you have deep but narrow kitchen drawers near the kitchen stove, this is a perfect place to store your cooking sauces. This will allow you to easily grab any cooking sauce that you need whenever you are busy cooking a delicious dinner.

8. Use Containers With A Portable Handle Design As Your Deep Kitchen Drawer Organizer

Fill your deep kitchen drawers with containers that have a portable handle design. Designate each container to store a particular kitchen essential. Each container can make an ideal storage area for your dish towels and rags, for food storage bags, pot holders, paper products, baking utensils, baking accessories and more. The portable handle design of these containers will allow you to conveniently lift up and transport the container around, so when the time comes that you need baking utensils and other baking accessories, all you need to do is to pull out the drawer and grab the handle of the container containing that baking essential.  Then you are good to go!

If you decide to use the lid that comes with the container, make sure to use labels and place them on top of the lid to identify its contents.

9. Use Your Deep Kitchen Drawer To Store Your Plastic Food Containers

Use your deep kitchen drawer to store your plastic containers by stacking the lids vertically inside a basket organizer. Arrange and group them by their size to make it easy for you to access exactly what you need.

10. Different Combination of Organizing Products To Fully Utilize Each Drawer Space

Do not be afraid to use a different combination of deep kitchen organizer products to fully utilize each drawer’s space.  For example, if you only need one storage organizer rack to store all your cutting boards and baking trays and there is still plenty of vacant space in your drawer, utilize that remaining drawer space to store your other kitchen essentials.  Like you see in the picture above.  You can use plastic containers to store your cooking sauces, spices and other items, then place them beside the organizer rack so there will be no space wastage.

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