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How To Choose Lamps For Living Room

How to choose lamps for the living room is your guide on how to pick the right lamps for your living space. Having the right lighting is an important element in every home because it is not just light that you need to complete a certain task but it is …
Design and Decor

How Much Space Around Kitchen Island

In this guide we will show you how much space there should be around the kitchen island. It is your complete resource to have a well-planned kitchen island layout that provides enough space for food preparation and for cooking food. The main reason why most people like to have an …
Design and Decor

6 Ideas for Designing a Shared Kids Room

In the ideal world, every family would live in a big enough house to allow everyone to have their own separate room. But the reality is different. More often than not, people are forced to make do with their space. That also means that designing a shared kids’ room could …