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Holiday Gift Ideas For 2021 – The Season Of Giving

Holidays such as Christmas are the season for giving. During these times  it always brings others such joy to receive gifts from their loved ones. In this article, I will be sharing with you 120 of the very best Amazon holiday gift ideas. I have done extensive research to develop this list of holiday gifts ideas. My hope is that this will make it easy for you to find the perfect holiday gifts for family and friends.

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Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones Who Enjoy Their Outdoor Living Space

Do you know someone that likes to be outdoors most of the time so much so that even winter season will not stop them? Below are some of ideal gifts for those who love the outdoors. These gifts ideas can help them to extend the use of their outdoor living space through the fall months and even into winter.

  • Outdoor Heater and Fire-pit -Adding a source of heat on your patio or your yard near the seating areas is the easiest way to extend their time outside. Sitting around the fire gives a cozy place to gather and drink hot beverages or roasting marshmallows.
  • String Lights As a Gift – String lights always give a magical ambiance and expensive look to every home. Giving string lights as gift is not only limited to decorating for Christmas but it can be used throughout the year!
  • Make Things Cozy – Items such throw blankets, mugs and pitchers that retain heat for long hours and adding some accessories such as place mats, outdoor plates and runners will definitely make your loved ones outdoor gatherings feel and warm even during the cold season.

Below are several practical gifts that will surely be put into use by your outdoorsy loved ones and they will always think of you every time they are enjoying their outdoor living space.

20 Best Board Games To Give As Gifts For Family And Friends Who Love To Play

Board games can be some of the most affordable gifts that you can give. Here are some other reasons giving games as gifts is a great idea:

  • Playing board games increases brain function and helps you to stay focused because you are constantly thinking how to win the game.
  • Playing board games will definitely help your friends or your family members reduce stress because they are sure to have fun while playing the games with the people that are dear to them.
  • Playing board games will surely bring family closer together and  improve relationships.
  • Playing board games during the current pandemic will definitely help the whole family to feel safe and happy. It promotes togetherness as a family and creates good memories during these difficult times. Remember, there is always a reason to be grateful even during a pandemic and one thing that the pandemic has brought to us is learning the value and happiness of just being alive, healthy and being with your loved ones.

Below are highly rated board games that you can find on Amazon that you will surely enjoy with your friends or with your family members who like to play games:

Holiday Gift Ideas For Kids

Toys are gifts that will surely be appreciated by any children in your family. Although it can be a struggle to find the right toy, below are some tips on how to find toys appropriate for their age:

  • For 1 to 2 year olds  – kids at this age range are the easiest to find gifts for, they appreciate the gift box more than the item inside the box.
  • For 3 to 4 year olds – building toys and blocks are great gifts for this age group as the toys allow them to explore and discover on their own.
  • For 5 to 6 year olds – this is the age where their creativity begins. Crayons, doodle boards, baking kits and others are ideal toys for this age of kids.
  • For 7 to 8 year olds – in this range these children are more likely to enjoy crafts, building materials and sports equipment because their reading skills have already improved. Therefore, they are ready to explore other things.
  • For 9 to 12 year olds – family game nights, video games, playing their tech toys and fun toys with their friends, singing, taking pictures and reading books are some of  the activities that this age group enjoys!

Christmas Retro Practical Gifts Ideas

It is always nice to give someone that you love an item that they can use for their everyday life but at the same time an item that they will surely cherish. These gifts will are the type of gifts that they will not only love to use but to display openly on the kitchen counter. They may not be cheap but these gifts will surely bring happiness to the people you know who love retro inspired kitchen tools and equipment.

Christmas Gift Ideas For New Home Owners

Below are some home essentials that will make the ideal Christmas gift for  your loved ones who are new home owners. A new home owner will have a lot of expenses to deal with and because of that, they tend to put off the purchase of items they may want like espresso machines, towel warmers, an ice cream maker and others. Since you know them very well and you have money to spare  this coming Christmas, this is the best time to give them not necessarily what they need but give them a gift that they would like to have.  Below are some of the holiday gift ideas for your friends or family members who recently bought a home.

Gift Ideas for Under $50

Giving gifts to your friends and family is one of many ways to show your appreciation and love for them. The gifts do not need to be expensive to be appreciated by the people that are dear to you. As long as the gift that comes from heart it will always the best gift that your loved ones can ever receive. Below are holiday gift ideas for under $50 that will bring joy to their hearts as they know that you remember them during this special holiday.

Winter Gift Ideas

Christmas, aside from remembering the birth of our savior Jesus Christ, it is also associated with snow. We all know that when temperatures are starting to drop, Christmas is around the corner and so is the cold season! There are no better gifts to give to your loved ones who are always feeling cold or a family member who likes to do winter activities such as skiing and sledding but to give them gifts that keep them warm:  Below are Holiday Winter Gifts Ideas that they will surely love:

Festive Gift Ideas

Who does not love festive colors? Below are festive pieces that are so adorable, they are some of the best gifts you can give a family member or a friend this holiday season. All items are fun to look at and will surely boost the holiday spirit once they receive the beautiful festive gift ideas below:

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