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How To Decorate Bathroom Counter: 6 Simple and Stylish Ways

This guide, how to decorate bathroom counter: 6 stylish and easy ways, will help you to learn how to dress up your counter. It will not only make your bathroom look more appealing but will also give you the type of feeling that you would want your bathroom to have. Any room that is well organized and decorated is not only aesthetically pleasing but also becomes a more functional space as it promotes creativity and productivity.

Washroom is one of the most important parts of your home as it serves a critical hygiene function and is also a place where you can unwind while taking your bath or a shower. It stores your personal stuff such as for grooming, bathing and everything that you need to start and end your day right. Washroom that are clean, organized and beautiful will not only influence you to start your day with a positive attitude but also help you to end your day with gratitude and relaxing thoughts. For these reasons, there is a great need to make your space clean and organized as well as making your it a beautiful space to be!

When you walk inside a bathroom, the first thing that you would see in the most common bathroom layout, is the vanity or counter. Therefore, it is necessary that your counter be attractive and cluttered -free to make it a functional space. Keep in mind that having a beautiful washroom is more than simply adding a decorative tray, art work, customized hand soap dispenser and so on. It is also about keeping your washroom clean and free from any visual clutter. To make your space more aesthetically appealing, there are several important aspects that you need to consider. You want a washroom that is clean, organized and one that has the correct decor. Each of these are important aspects of achieving your goal to have the washroom you have always wanted. Below is a quick guide on how to decorate your bathroom counter and to make your entire space a beautiful place to be! Click here to discover more washroom decor ideas.

6 Stylish And Easy Ways On How To Decorate Your Bathroom Counter

Accessorizing your master bath or any room will make the room look finished and make your space feel integrated with the entire home. Below are the basic rules of thumb on how to decorate your bathroom counter by adding accessories.

  1. Consider your bathroom’s primary colors when choosing the color of your decor. Since colors influence how you will see patterns. Keep in mind, contrasting colors bring in energy, while lighter colors or colors that are close to one other have a calming effect. See, 84 Beautiful Inside Front Door Paint Color Ideas to learn about different color schemes
  2. Consider your everyday use items that you would want to have easy access to such as soap, cotton balls, lotion, towels, your favorite lipstick and favorite skin care. Once you have identified those items, look for organizers for these items depending on your personal preference that will incorporate your personal style whether it is glam, rustic, elegant, relaxed, cozy or elegant. Keep in mind that you cannot keep all of your essentials on the counter or else your counter will look like a storage space. Below are some creative ideas to store and arrange your everyday bathroom essentials that will also make a great addition to your decor:
    • Use different sizes of apothecary jars to store you cotton swabs, cotton balls and bath salts. Using glass jars as storage is actually one of the best strategies to store these type of items because it allows you to keep these items within your reach and at the same time provides a good sense of style in your bathroom.

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    • Use counter organizers or acrylic cosmetic organizers that exude sophistication to store your makeup brushes, your favorite lipstick and selected beauty products.
    • Utilize a soap and lotion dispenser that incorporates your style or if you have a double-sink vanity and prefer a block of soap, buy a matching decorative soap dish. The best counter decor is when style meets functionality which kills two birds with one stone. You will able to store your everyday essentials with style.
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    • Want easy access to your facial tissue? Store them inside a beautiful tissue box cover and place them on top of your vanity countertop.
    • Corral your extra towels or hand towels inside a woven basket. Baskets are always considered one of the best organizers that you can use as they provide visibility and accessibility to all of the stored items. At the same time, they also add texture into any space. A woven or decorative basket is a nice organizer to use to store all of the essentials for your house guests such as bath and hand towels, tissues, hand soap and others. This will also help to keep your guest bathroom to not only to look neat and tidy but also be very stylish.
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    • When you come to a point that you need to choose between function and style, always choose function over style. If you have a small washroom and the washroom countertop is the only space to store your tooth brushes, then store them in decorative decor.
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    • Consider adding some items that you love like candles and plants. Adding candles to your room is an inexpensive way to create a spa like atmosphere while adding plants will help to bring a natural vibe that every room needs.
  3. Once you have identified how you would want to store and display your everyday essentials, use a decorative tray to contain these groups of items together. The size of the tray will be dependent on the available space on your counter and the number of items you are planning to put inside the tray. The usage of trays will help you to display your  essentials and decor without making your counter look cluttered. Below are some of the basic guidelines when grouping items together in order to create a stylish arrangement:
    • Items with similar shapes, colors, themes and other similar attributes or unifying elements can be grouped together.
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    • Combining similar items with various heights and width to form a pyramid shape will create great visual interest to any room. The pinnacle of your pyramid will be a tall or big accessory item, while the body and base of the pyramid will be filled in with smaller items.
    • Grouping your objects in odd numbers will create a more beautiful arrangement than a group of object in even numbers.
    • Avoid using small accessories because it will make your space look cluttered.
  4. Place your decorative tray containing your essentials, candle and small plant in an accessible location. For example, if you have double sinks in your vanity and you are sharing essentials with your better half, place the tray in the to decorate bathroom counter
  5. Add wall art or framed photos above the towel bars and embellish them with beautiful hand towels. Hanging luxurious towels such as bath towels and hand towels in a decorative way can revamp your space in an instant. Use sets of towel with colors that will complement or blend well with the color schemes of your space and with your decor. Below are a number of ways to display towels that can help to improve the appearance of your towel bars or rack:
    • Hang towels with style – Layer bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths in contrasting colors.
    • Roll towels like a spa – Using a basket to hold a collection of wrapped towels creates a very attractive to decorate bathroom counter
  6. Lay an appropriate size rug in front of the bathroom sink to define and warm up the space while adding a decorative touch to your bathroom. Remember, small rugs have the ability to make any space look smaller.

Quick Guide To Make Your Space A Beautiful Place To be

How To Decorate Your Bathroom Counter and Make The Entire Space Aesthetically Appealing And Feel Like A Spa

  • Adding some artwork into your space – This will add additional layers of interest and will give a welcoming feeling into your bathroom.

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  • Use neutral color schemes – White bathrooms exude brightness, purity and cleanliness just like a spa. Using a neutral color palette for cabinets, accessories and decor such as white towels will do the trick for you. As you can see in the picture above, you do not need to have a big space to achieve a spa like bathroom, all you need is to use a neutral color palette which is mostly white.

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  • Use a decorative cohesive dispensers for your hand soap, lotions, shampoos, facial soap and other hygiene products. You will shocked at how your space appearance improves. This is a design approach that’s so easy to implement and yet has a big to decorate bathroom counter
  • Use hand towels as decor – If you have a small and narrow space using a decorative hand towels can improve your bathroom esthetic.
  • Use a good scented candles – Candles have the ability to not only transform your washroom into a relaxing space but will instantly lift your spirits and help you relax after a long day.
  • Decorate your window with a flowing curtain – If you have a window, consider using flowing curtains as these create a sense of flow and graceful movement or use a decorative shower curtain if you do not have window.
  • Add ambient lighting – Add dimming lights to make your space cozy.
  • Replace your old fixtures – This is a simple way to upgrade the look of your washroom if you do not have much space for decor. To do this replace your old faucets with elegant ones. Stylish faucets will definitely add elegance and style into any bathroom.
  • Reduce visual clutter and clean your space on a regular basis.

Do you have an older homes with original pink tiled washroom vanity?

  • Use accessories with colors that will tone down the pink color or colors that are analogous to pink which could be peach and lavender. Analogous colors such as peach or lavender have the ability to tone down or lessen the strong presence of a dated pink tiled counter and will give your room a modern vintage feel rather than an outdated plain one.

What are the things that you should get rid off in your washroom?

  • If you have just moved in into an older home and it has a carpeted washroom floor, you might want to put the removal of the carpeted floor as your number one thing to do on your priority list. The washroom carpet is bound to get wet from steamy vapors from the shower and water pouring off your body. The carpet will then soak up all the moisture which is bound to form mildew and mold.
  • Do not use a small bath mat or small rug! Small rugs will make your washroom feel smaller and look cluttered.
  • Remove your plunger.

What are bathroom items that you should not display on your counters?

  • Bathroom cleaning products or any household products.
  • Personal toiletries such sanitary napkins, shaving supplies, deodorant, brush and other hair tools.

 Decor Ideas

Below are some of decor ideas that will give you inspiration on how you would want to decorate your bathroom counter:

how to decorate bathroom counter

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Candles and a bottle of bath salts next to a roll of towels creates a spa like atmosphere.

how to decorate bathroom counter

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If your space has a darker color scheme, a white floral arrangement can be a great addition to your bathroom as it will  brighten up the space. Place them in front of the mirror to double its beauty. No matter what your room style is, fresh flowers will add instant life into your space. A small plant like succulents will be also a great bathroom decor as it gives a natural vibe due to their natural textures and colors.

how to decorate bathroom counter

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No cabinet space and no counter space? Utilize the space underneath your pedestal sink basin to store your toilet paper using a decorative basket. Take some space on your sink to place your hand soap and small plant on top of a small cake stand.

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If counter space is not a problem and have a double vanity mirror, place your tray containing your essentials in the middle together with some floral arrangement, decorative countertop mirror and artwork will make your bathroom vanity stand out.

I hope that my guide on how to decorate bathroom counter inspires you and give you confidence to decorate your counter with a style.

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