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Ideas For Front Door Decor

This guide, 10 beautiful ideas for front door decor will help you to showcase your home’s style and create a beautiful first impression and add curb appeal for your guests.

Front door decorations are one of the easiest ways to welcome guests into your home because this is one of the first things your guests see. It provides an idea to your guests what they are going to see once they step inside your home. Therefore, the design elements of your entrance door decorative pieces should be the reflection of your overall home design style and should help you to set the mood of what you want your guests to feel upon entry.

Different decorating styles create a different result that can range from warm and cozy to grand and very stylish. Determine the desired effect of what you want your entranceway decor to have and choose from the beautiful front door decor ideas to achieve the best effect that you desire.

There are a lot of different ways to create an inviting outdoor entryway like the placement of the welcome mat, pretty flowers, seating area and alike. Simple decor items when used correctly can add instant curb appeal to your home on top of the fact that it helps to convey a welcoming feeling to your friends and family.

I will share with you what we did to our front porch to improve its curb appeal and some of the other doorway decor and front porch ideas that you can use to make your guests feel at home even before they enter into your home.

Front Door Decor Ideas That We Used To Decorate Our Front Porch

1. Style It

The style and color of your entrance door is one of the front exteriors of your home that contribute to the overall curb appeal of your home. According to a 2014 Zillow survey improving the curb of your house is one the best investments that you can do for your home.

Before even thinking about the different front door decor ideas, consider doing a quick makeover by applying a fresh coat of paint. Try fun and bright colors of paint such as yellow, teal and blue paint colors. Or you can stick to classic and timeless front door colors such as black, dark and rich wood stain for your wooden door and bright color red paint. The color that you will choose for your door will also serve as a nice backdrop for traditional wreaths, leaf garland or holiday season decor. If you have a flat door, utilize an overlay to add an interesting design detail to your entryway.

In our case, we changed the door of our house when we remodeled our home in 2020 and I chose the classic and timeless color black paint for it. A black color provides a beautiful contrast with most exteriors and serves as a beautiful backdrop for our spring blooms swag, aside from providing a welcoming invite to our guests. To learn more about the front door ideas and best paint colors, click here!

2. Use House Numbers And A Mail Box To Showcase Your Style

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The fun way to add a touch of your personal style to your door is changing the style of your house numbers, mailbox or both. Consider changing the font style of your house numbers or even spell out your house numbers on a porch column and change them into large size numbers. These are fun and easy ways to add style to your entrance door.

A mail box is also one thing that can easily tell your guests your design style. If you are planning to change the style of your house numbers, you might also want to consider your mailbox and replace it with a style that matches your entire home decor. Choose a mailbox that combines both functionality and visual appeal. You can find a variety of mailboxes on the market from a classic to modern mailbox. You can find various styles of house numbers and mailboxes on Etsy.

3. Go Big On Coach Lights

Outdoor or coach lights are also things that can give an instant update to your door appearance. Larger scones or larger wall lantern lights create a welcoming statement. The quick rule of thumb when choosing the right size of outdoor lighting, it should be 1/4 size of your door and should hang 66 inches above the floor.

4. Update Its Hardware

The door handle is the first thing that your guests touch in your home. This means it is only right to make sure that your door handle matches with your home decor. The choice of knobs, levers and handle sets can influence the style of your home. Depending on the color, finish and style of door knobs that you are going to use, it will surely add a modern look to a modern home or traditional look to a traditional home and so on. Therefore, choose a finish and style that complements your door, lighting, and house numbers.

In our case, we chose a black mat finish door knob as it matches our lighting, door and mail box.

5. Add A Decorative Detail Using A Wreath

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A beautiful wreath hanging on your door adds to the overall curb appeal of your home and just like any other front door decor, a wreath should also be a reflection of your home’s interior. It is also a subtle way to add seasonal or holiday-themed decor to your home where you can use faux flowers, pine cones, mini pumpkins and similar items. However, there are endless wreath alternatives that you can choose from, if you do not want a standard wreath such as chalkboard signs, numbers, baskets, pictures, and even watering cans among others.

I chose to hang a spring blooms swag from Hobby Lobby because my black door will highlight the beautiful combination of leaves, obre and solid flowers, fuzzy buds and plastic clusters of flowers. It definitely brings beauty, color and joy to our front porch area and definitely say that winter is officially over!

6. Add A Big New Doormat To Create A Feeling Of Grandeur

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A big door rug will provide a feeling of grandeur and add a warm welcoming element while keeping your home clean. If you like to decorate your entrance door base with the season or holiday, consider the use of layered door mats. Layering will help you to easily change decor because you can simply take out the rug underneath and add something seasonal or something new.

Ideas for front door decor

Originally, I was leaning towards the use of a striped rug that was almost like a plastic rug. I also considered using a washable outdoor rug as the rug underneath because I really liked the black and white color combination. However, after thinking it through, I decided to go with something that does not require a lot of care or almost no maintenance at all which is commonly known as a rubber mat. Rubber mats are very durable, have a non-slip surface, are fade resistant and very easy to clean. I then layered it with a coir mat because I like the natural color that comes with it. The black rubber mat provides a nice contrast to the coir mat as well as it anchors all of the decorative pieces together.

7. Decorate Your Front Door With Your Existing Home Decor

During the process of redesigning or redecorating your entranceway, a great way to accessorize it is by using your existing home decor. Search out your storage area or your garage to find something that you can use before you run out to your favorite home and decor store. You can reuse your metal bar stools as a stand for your plants, repurposing your metal buckets as planters or old rain boots as an umbrella holder or a vase for your fake plants.

Ideas for front door decor

The above picture is our 3 piece metal lantern set that was used to decorate the living room of our first home. When we moved into our current home, these items had no place in our small living room and therefore ended up in the basement. So when I was in the planning of how I would like to decorate our front porch, I decided to use the lantern set as front porch decor which actually helped a lot to fill up the right side area of our front porch.

8. Utilize A Pretty Planter To House Your Plants

The use of decorative planters or pots is the one of the quickest and simplest ways to dress up your front door. Beautiful planters or pots together with other decor helps to make your entrance area as the focal point of your entire home exterior. Adding pretty planters or flower pots makes a finishing touch for your decor and just like the color and style of your front door, depending on the type, style and color of your flower pots, the result can be impressive. This can range from a traditional look to a farmhouse style look and anything in between.

Ideas for front door decor

Home Goods is a great place to buy decorative flower pots and planters. To add natural elements to my front door design decor, I bought open weave baskets and planters to house my two Kimberly fern plants and bright yellow to house my Coleus plants. The black pot holding the Celosia plants was from Michaels while I used the original pot that come with the yellow Calibrachoa flowers

For me, planters and pots do not need to be “matchy-matchy”. I used different planter designs but followed one color scheme which is combination of black, yellow and brown. The decoration on the right side of the door consists of brown, black, yellow and green colors (colors include both planters and plant colors) while the decorations on the left side of the door have the same color combination.

9. Use The Principle Of Symmetry/Asymmetry

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The principle of symmetry is used when you want to exude harmony and balance by using decor that is identical on both sides of your entrance door. This principle can be applied if your entranceway is situated in the center or the left and the right side of your door has enough space to have the same decor.

Ideas for front door decor

In our case, our front door is not centered in the house and has a different amount of space on either side of the door. Therefore, I applied the asymmetry principle to balance the visual weight on each side. I filled up the horizontal space of the right side of the front door with our 3 piece lanterns, ferns inside a woven basket and yellow flowers and arranged them in such a way that they formed a pyramid shape just to create visual interest. On the other hand, I filled up the vertical space of the left side of the door with 3 different heights of pots and planters and arranged them to form an imaginary pyramid shape.

10. Create A Seating Area

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If you have enough space on your front porch, add a seating area where you can read or chat with neighbors.


Ideas for front door decor

The original plan was to remove the built-in planter but because it will cost us money that we do not want to spend, we decided to transform the built-in planter into a seating area and decorated with white wooden trim around it. I think my next project for the porch will be to enhance the beauty of our seating area to make it more cozy and relaxing.

I hope that my guide on front door decor ideas inspires you to decorate your entranceway that not only matches the design style of your entire home, but also creates a welcoming and inviting feeling for your friends and family.

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