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10 Simple Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas (Or Any Room)

This article is about living room blanket storage ideas that will not only make your space cozier but also make it look neat and beautiful.

Blankets are a great accessory that add a cozy feel to any room. A lot of people like to throw them off the back of chairs or just have them lying on the sofa. But they’re not always welcome. That’s why I created this list so you can store your blanket in ways that everyone likes, but no one notices!

10 Simple Living Room Blanket Storage Ideas

1. Decide what you’ll use your throw for

If you know what you’ll be using your throw for, it’ll be easier to find the best place to put it. For example if you host frequent movie nights during the cold seasons, then it would be nice to keep your throws on the couch or near the couch to make sure that you and your guests have easy access to it just like the pictures below:

Image Source Pinterest: homebunch.com

Place a nice sized decorative basket beside your coffee table that you can use to store a number of throw and pillows.

Image Source Pinterest: randigarrettdesign.com

And if you have a couple of throws, just lay them on your couch. There are a lot of ways to style a throw. This can include the effortless and relaxed way to do it by tucking them under the seat cushion so they don’t slip out of place or lay them over the chair, just like the picture above or a tidy and polished look just like the picture below.

Image Source: @theinsidecollective

2. Utilize a bench or stool under the window

Image Source Pinterest: nestingwithgrace.com

If your window seat is currently empty, you could use it to store a spread. This is an excellent place to store spread that are used frequently especially if you use this spot often to hang out to read and drink your favorite tea.

Image Source Pinterest: https://pin.it/7IwgQcn

No window seat? No problem! Place a bench under the window, then wrap your throw around the bench and decorate it with pillows and your favorite book just like what withlovemercedes.com did!

3. Install a wall mount blanket rack or baskets

Image Source Pinterest: hgtv.com

If you have blank wall in your living room and want to transform them into something beautiful but functional, install a wall mount rack or baskets that you utilize as storage for your coverlet.

Image Source Pinterest: organized-clutter.tumblr.com

If you only have a shelf above your window or door and you don’t use use spreads often, then the shelf above the window is the perfect spot for your “once in a while spread” and then accessorize with stacks of books and some decorative items.

4. Hide your coverlet in plain sight

living room blanket storage ideas

Image Source Pinterest: stylecaster.com

If you don’t want to draw attention to the fact that you keep a coverlet in your living room, you could take it out of sight entirely. This is especially useful if you have small children who may want to play with your coverlet. You can hide your blanket inside a a wicker trunk and then place them beside your couch to serve them as your side table.

5. Turn your coffee table into a storage station

You can turn your coffee table into a storage station to keep spread, pillows, and other small items out of sight. Coffee tables are a great small space to create a functional station. You can simply use the top of your coffee table as storage space for decorative items and then utilize the lower level to store your spread. Store your spread inside a decorative basket and then place them on the lower level of your coffee table. This will keep your coffee table looking tidy while also giving you a place to store smaller items.

6. Use floating shelves for vertical storage

living room blanket storage ideas

Image Source Pinterest: spacejoy.com

If you have wall space above your couch, you could create a floating shelf for vertical storage. This is a great way to store coverlet and other decorative items. However, you should fold your coverlet nice and neat so it will not become an eye sore or should I say, treat them as one of your decorative items.

7. Hang your throws on hooks with style

living room blanket storage ideas

Image Source Pinterest: inmyownstyle.com

If you’re looking for a way to store your throws in your living room that is stylish, easy to maintain and allows you to see all of the colors and patterns of your seasonal throws, try hanging them on hooks.  This is also a great way to decorate your bare wall aside from the fact that it keeps your throws organized and off the floor.

8. Tuck away your throws in your cabinetry

Do you have throws that don’t get used often and are you wondering the perfect place to store them? Try utilizing your cabinets or drawers! Storing them in cabinets or drawers is another great solution. Just make sure that they don’t get crushed by other things being stacked on top of them (just like any other piece of furniture), and make sure that there’s enough room for air circulation so none of your items get moldy over time. This is also the best way to keep them out of sight making your space clean and tidy as well.

9. Tuck a blanket in an ottoman

If you have an ottoman in your living room, you could tuck a throw inside of it. Ottomans are fantastic pieces of furniture because they can add colors and style to your living space. Store your throw in an ottoman instead of putting it on the ground or hanging it on the wall like most people do. This will keep any dust from collecting on your throws and keep it looking nice for longer.

10. Create a blanket ladder

living room blanket storage ideas

Image Source Pinterest: shopltk.com

Another fun and creative way to store your throws in your family room is to try hanging them from a decorative ladder. You can hang the ladder on the wall or lean it against a wall, whatever works best for the layout of your space.

The ladder is great because it’s sturdy, so it won’t tip over when there’s weight on it (like when you’re hanging an entire blanket). Plus, ladders come in all sorts of colors and styles, so you can make sure that your decorations match.

You can use different colored throwss to add some color and texture to the wall of your living room or bedroom (or even kitchen or bathroom). To take it one step further, add some artwork above or below the hanging throw(s). It’s an easy way to make sure that they don’t get lost in the background of whatever else is going on with your decorating scheme!


I hope that my living room blanket storage ideas help you to figure out the best blanket storage solutions for your space.

Just remember that storing your coverlet in your living space does not have to be complicated. All you need is just a little bit of creativity so you can make use of the things that you already have such as ottoman, coffee table, decorative baskets and so on to store your seasonal throws.

If you are a bit handy, you can install a wall mount rack, floating shelving or hooks to display your throws with a style. However, if you notice that you barely use your throws, put them away somewhere safe until next time they’re needed again.


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