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Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas On A Budget

For most people, Christmas decorating is probably the most stressful aspect of the holidays because it involves time, physical effort associated with decorating and most of all money. Especially nowadays that commodity prices are continue to rise almost every week.

The good news is that there are different ways to make your home look festive this coming holiday by making everything simple. I will share with you 9 tips for minimalist Christmas decor on a budget and 3 ways to save money this holiday season.

What does minimalist holiday decor look like?

Minimalist Christmas decorations are all about keeping it low key. You don’t need a lot of stuff to make your home feel festive, and you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune on decorations. Here are some ways to keep the cost down:

1. Use what you’ve got.

While it can be fun to get new decorations each year, it can also be expensive. If you’re looking for a way to save money this year, we’ve got some tips!

I know that if we could, we would love to decorate our space with new decorating colors or with the year’s biggest design trends. But it also means that you need to buy new decor every year as well which will cost you a lot of money and you will end up later on with a huge collection of decor that also will take up a lot of space in your storage area. This is not good, especially if you have a small space.

The best way and the most practical way is to use what you already have and add a new spin about it to update the look of your decor. For example, use your existing artificial tree and your old ornaments, then decorate it with a new ribbon with color or colors that are on trend. In this way, your tree will not only look beautiful but also on trend.

2. Buy only what you need.

The tree is the focal point of your festive decorations, and it’s always a good idea to make sure that it looks fantastic. This is the same reason why there are people like their tree to look different year after year. But did you know that you can update the look of your tree inexpensively? I do this by using ribbon as my main decorating tool.  Ribbons when used creatively will give big impact to your holiday decoration plus it’s easy to work with and is very affordable compared to Christmas ornaments.

Therefore, every year I buy ribbons usually after the festive season so I can get them at a huge discount and use those ribbons the following year. By doing this, I am able to make my tree look different year after year with a minimal cost. The picture above is my tree that I changed the look every season by adding new ribbon on it.

Another advantage of ribbon is that it’s reusable. But if you are not into ribbons and you see something that looks great but costs too much, leave it behind and move on, you can always come back later if it’s still there. Remember you can get decor at a huge discount when the season is over.

3. Buy decorations secondhand.

Lots of people buy new decorations each year and then sell them after the season is over; this is one way they can save money on their holiday shopping budget!

Minimalist Christmas decor on a budget

Decorations are an essential part of any holiday, especially this season of hope. You can choose to go with traditional ornaments and garland, or you can go with modern ones like snowflakes and snowmen. It all depends on what type of look you are going for in your home this festive season.

Below are some of the minimalist Christmas decor ideas that will not hurt your budget.

1.Make use of classic garland

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Don’t skip out on the classic garland and wrap them with Christmas lights! They’re what make the season of giving magical and festive, so don’t be afraid to go big with these traditional decorations.

What’s so good about this is that you really can’t go wrong with adding garland on your fireplace mantle or above the window. You can embellish your garland with beautiful ornaments and ribbons if you want to add DRAMA or by simply adding pine cones and snowflakes to add a little bit of festivity into your space.

2. Use candles and lights

Minimalist Christmas Decor On A Budget

Candles and lights are great ways to decorate your home without spending a lot of money on decorations.  Nothing says “Christmas” like candlelight flickering through a window pane. Candles give off a warm glow that makes any room feel cozy.

Minimalist Christmas Decor On A Budget

If you want something that you can use for a long time (as long as you store them properly) and can add some sparkle without taking up floor space in your home, consider utilizing string lights.

3. Make your own decorations

Instead of buying expensive decorations at the store, why not make them yourself? You can mix and match your existing decorations to create something new. For example, if you have an old Christmas stocking, add a ribbon on it or attach red pearls around the cuff to give new interesting details to your existing stockings.

Minimalist Christmas Decor On A Budget

You can also use your artificial picks as a kitchen cabinet wreath by simply using a wire-edged ribbon. First, cut off the bottom of your floral pick so that it is about 2 inches long. Then, take one end of your wire-edged ribbon and glue it around one end of your floral pick. Once it’s secure, wrap it around the other side of the pick and glue again. You can add a bow and use the same ribbon to hang them at the top of your kitchen cabinet door with a Command Indoor Mini Light Clips ($10.99

4. Make your own ornaments from things around the house or from thrift store finds

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The picture above is paper fan ornaments made by that I found on Pinterest. Just click here if you are interested to know how she made these cute paper fan ornaments. If you’re not so crafty, you can also find lots of cheap ornaments at discount stores like Dollar Tree or even at dollar stores like Family Dollar!

5. Use old books

Minimalist Christmas Decor On A Budget

Utilize your old books as decoration stands for vases or other objects instead of buying expensive stands made specifically for flowers or other objects. Just make sure that whatever you’re putting up is heavy enough not to fall over easily!

6. Make your own candle holders

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Use small mason jars as candle holders instead of buying expensive ones from fancy stores like Pottery Barn and then decorate it with some natural elements like fresh greenery.

7. Find a new way to use your decor

Probably you have an item that has lost its use or you are getting tired of using it again and again. Instead of buying something new, consider reusing your old decorations in new ways.

Minimalist Christmas Decor On A Budget

For example, if you have a tree topper that’s just not doing it for you anymore, try placing it on top of a coffee table or end table as an accent piece to your living room.

Minimalist Christmas Decor On A Budget

Another great option is to place all of your Christmas village pieces under the tree instead of on a console table (or any other surface). This will help create an overall look that’s cohesive and more interesting than having separate displays on different surfaces.

Minimalist Christmas Decor On A Budget

You can also turn your extra Christmas stockings into something special by using them as a centerpiece for your staircase. All you need is some creativity, some string lights and some garland, and you’re good to go! Start by hanging your garland across the top of the stairs (or however many steps you have). Then add more lights and garland as needed, depending on how elaborate you want the design to be. Simply hang your stockings from the banister or railing.

8. Hang a wreath without making holes in the doors

Hanging a wreath is the classic and the most simple way to add colors and holiday cheer to your home. However, the last thing that you want to do is to spend money to fix the hole in your beautiful door after hanging your holiday wreath. You can use command strips, wreath hangers, ribbon, magnetic hook and if you have a glass front door, a clear removable heavy duty suction cup wreath hook is for you.

Minimalist Christmas Decor On A Budget

In my case, I decided to also hang a wreath on the inside side door that became part of our kitchen.

9.  Decor ideas for a small kitchen

Minimalist Christmas Decor On A Budget

If you also would like to add festive spirit into your kitchen that will not take too much counter space, consider utilizing the space above your toaster oven. Simply place a decorative wooden tray above the toaster over and then add a ceramic kettle filled with candy cane, red canister and a mini wood decorative house.


Minimalist Christmas decor on a budget can be done in a variety of ways. You can start with simple things like a small tree, or even a large one if you have the space for it. You can also add some lights to your windows or doorways, or use them to outline your house.

If you want to go with more traditional decorating ideas, you can get a poinsettia plant in red and green, or you could even do something as simple as hanging up some garland on your front door. The important thing is that you start small and work your way up from there.

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