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How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Are small bedrooms stressful? Do they make you feel claustrophobic and like you’re living in a cupboard? Well, I get it. It can be super uncomfortable, especially if you don’t have a lot of space to store your stuff and create separate areas for relaxation, sleeping, etc. But that doesn’t mean you need to suffer. There are lots of great organization ideas out there that will help you use the space better. And even if money isn’t an option right now, there are budget-friendly ways to make a small room more comfortable and functional. Read on for some great tips on how to organize a small bedroom on a budget.

Checklist To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Before you start with anything, make a list of all the things that you want to keep in the room. This will help you in identifying what needs to go. Also, note down the items that you need to replace so that you don’t repeat the mistakes you made in the past.


This is the second step after you have accomplished listing all the things that you want to keep and things that you should let go, you can either donate or sell them. Decluttering is the step that you cannot skip especially when you want to organize a small bedroom on a budget.

This is the process that will help you to make space for your everyday essentials or for new things if you are planning to buy additional furniture to add style and function into your space.

Re-Arrange To Gain More Space

If you’ve decluttered your room and you still feel like you need more space, try re-arranging your furniture. You can move your bed to a wall to free up some space in the middle of the room. This is a great way to gain some extra space. You can move your bedroom furniture to the wall to free up space in the middle of the room.

organize a small bedroom on a budget

The above picture was the room of the previous owner of the house that we bought. The room and the closet were in the small category. That’s probably the reason why the previous owner chose to have a dresser next to the bed instead of using two night stands. But when we bought the house, the first thing that I did is to measure the entire room, so I could figure out the best positioning of our queen size bed and to see if two night stands and if a seating area would be possible. Fortunately, I got everything that I wanted our master bedroom to have. See the below picture.

I positioned the night stand on the right against the wall, so I would have enough space for my seating area.  Since, a regular size tufted chair is too big for the space, I utilized instead two ottoman, positioned beside the half-round console table. The ottoman and console table are both furniture pieces that we used in the living room of our previous house.

Now, if you are starting from scratch or you have no existing room furniture, what you can do is lay out your bed sheets or duvet covers on the floor so that you get an idea of the space you have to work with or even better, download an interior design app or go to nearest IKEA to help you figure out the best layout that you could have.

Paint The Walls With White Or Neutral Colors

Yes, painting the walls white or neutral colors can make a small room look bigger, airy and look more organized. This is one of the most effective ways to make your small room look bigger. A white color paint reflects light and makes the room look brighter. What’s good about this is that you just need a small budget and a little time to make this room improvement project happen. You can also go for neutral shades like beige, light gray or light brown.

In our case, we painted our room ceiling, trims and baseboards with white while the walls with a gray color paint. Below are the before and after photos.

Add Some Color With Bedding And Curtains

Image Source Pinterest: homebunch.com

If you’re feeling like you need a splash of color in your room, try investing in colorful bed sheets and curtains. You can also add color to the walls by placing framed artworks or posters on the walls.  You can select a color scheme for your room based on your personality and mood. Or you can choose colors that cohesive with the entire home decor.

Use Multi-Functional And Space Saving Furniture

If you’re buying new furniture for your room, try to buy ones with multipurpose functionality.

Desk As A Nightstand

colorful bedroom

Image Source Pinterest: hgtv.com

For example, a small desk beside your bed  to place your laptop and table that can function as your working table and a nightstand at the same time. On top of that, you can hang a piece of artwork above the table to add colors and interesting feature, just like the picture above. In this way you will able to make maximum use of the space in your room.

Dresser Also Function As A Nightstand

organize a small bedroom

Image Source Pinterest: target.com

But if you do not need a working table because you need more storage space for your room essentials, utilize a dresser as your nightstand.

Bed With Storage Under

organize a small bedroom

Image Source Pinterest: ceruleansoleil.tumblr.com

You can also buy a bed that has drawers and cabinets under it. You can store things like out of season clothing and shoes. By doing this, you will have enough space in your closet for your current season clothing.

Utilize Under Bed Space As A Storage

under bed

product for storage

However, if you already have an existing bed and buying a new one is not part of your plan, learn how to use under bed space as a storage area and use the best under bed storage products.

Headboard With Storage

light over bed

Image Source Pinterest: westelm.com

In addition to creating a stylish look, a headboard with storage is a smart choice for any small room. Whether you’re storing books, keeping clothes out of sight, or keeping a TV remote handy, a headboard with storage is a stylish and functional way to make the most of your small space. You can also choose a headboard that acts as a partition, creating privacy and boundaries between beds or even rooms.

Pendant Lighting Mimicking The Function Of A Table Lamp

How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source Pinterest: aanyalinen.com

For a narrow room where only small night stand can fit and you want to use them to place your knickknacks instead of a table lamp, consider hanging a pendant light above the night stand, just like the picture above.

Seating And Storage In One

How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source Pinterest: etsy.com

Then if you want a seating area, look for an ottoman with storage. The ottoman now will have two functions as a seating place and storage for your blanket, duvet, pillow and alike.

Shoe Storage And Bench In One

How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source Pinterest: youtube,com

Use a shoe rack to store your shoes instead of keeping them on the floor. Keeping shoes off the floor not only looks more organized, but it also helps to reduce allergens in your home.  To maximize the use of your bedroom space choose a shoe rack that can also be bench.

Dresser As A TV Console

How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source {interest: thisisourbliss.com

Choose a dresser with an appropriate height so it will be appropriate to place your  TV on. In this way, the dresser can hold your essentials as well as your beloved TV.

Organize Your Small Bedroom With A Bigger Budget

Sometimes, there is a need to customize things to get a better use of a space. Below are some ideas that can definitely help to efficiently use the available space that you have aside from giving your room a beautiful aesthetic. However, these are different ways to organize your small bedroom that you might allot a bigger budget to make it happen.

Use Vertical Space To Gain More Storage Space

How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source Pinterest: 1stdibs.com

A floating nightstand with open shelving is a great way to make use of the vertical space. It will add a unique style to your room and also add additional storage space for your books and room decor. This floating nightstand is definitely more than holding a table lamp because it offers a convenient option for storing your bedroom essentials as it will not get in the way of your bed like a conventional nightstand would.

how to organize a small bedroom with little funds

Image Source Pinterest: bhg.com

And if you want to fully maximize the space, utilize the space above the headboard as well.

Utilize Your Window To Store Your House Plants

How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source Pinterest: reddit.com

This is a great idea for those who love to take care of plants. If you have a large window in your home, you can make the most of it by adding a vertical garden. This can be done by purchasing a prefabricated garden or making one from scratch. Vertical gardens not only look good, but they are also functional as they can help improve the indoor air quality. You can also use your window to store your potted plants when they are not in use.

How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source: Pinterest

You can place them on a table or hang them from the window if you have one that is large enough. This will not only save you space, but it will also make your window look more attractive.

Window Seat

organize a small bedroom on a budget

Image Source Pinterest: goldenboysandme.com

These are not only great for storage but also make a perfect napping spot during the day. The best thing about them is that they are very easy to install. All you need to do is find an area that is the right size and shape and start the installation process. The choice of materials is also very important. You can either go with traditional wooden boxes or something a little more modern such as metal. It all comes down to your own personal preference.

Adapt A Minimalist Bedroom

If you want to make your room feel more spacious, try to adapt a minimalist approach. A minimalist room will help you get rid of stuff and make room for more important things. This is a great way to make a small room feel bigger.

Start by reducing the number of articles of clothing that you keep in your closet. Get rid of old clothes or donate them. You can also reduce the number of shoes you keep in your shoe rack.

Utilize Dead Spaces As Storage

How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

Image Source Pinterest: decoholic.org

If you have an unused corner or wall in your room, then you can use it to create extra storage space. You can do this by installing a bookshelf or hanging a decorative wall art to make the unused corner look beautiful.

organize a small bedroom on a budget

Image Source: Pinterest

You can also store things like shoes, bags, and clothes in unused corners to create more storage.

Use Space Saving Organizers

Small spaces actually need good space saving organizers. Never buy organizers based on their beauty but you should always base  them on their function and space saving design. There are a lot of different products that you can utilize to organize your room such as shelf organizers, baskets, cabinets, decorative storage bins and so on. But look for organizers that will help you to utilize every inch of your space in order to increase the storage capacity.

How To Organize A Small Bedroom On A Budget

My article, Organize A Small Closet Using A Few Organizing Products, is the actual proof that by just using the right organizing products and a little bit of creativity, I was able to increase the storage capacity of my small and narrow closet.


If you really want to make your small bedroom look spacious, you can use space saving furniture and organizers. You can use a freestanding closet or a wall-mounted closet if you don’t have enough space in your room. You can also use a clothes rack or a drying rack if you don’t have enough space to dry your clothes.


A small bedroom can be just as functional and comfortable as a large one. It all comes down to organization and finding ways to maximize the space you have. By following these tips, you can declutter your room, re-arrange your furniture, and use multipurpose furniture to maximize the use of space and make your room look bigger. With these tips, you can make a small bedroom look spacious, bright, and more organized.

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