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How to Organize Your Blind Corner Cabinet

In this article we will look at how to get an organized blind corner cabinet.

Kitchen storage space is always a concern and always necessary to have, especially if you are living in a smaller home.  A smaller home means you will also have a smaller kitchen and therefore, your kitchen space will be limited. However, there is one part of your kitchen cabinet that is often times being left underutilized, this is your blind corner cabinet.

A blind corner cabinet is the result of the intersection of the two cabinets where part of the cabinet’s content is hidden. The “hidden space” makes the blind corner cabinet difficult to utilize. However, there are a lot of products available that you can use to have an organized blind corner cabinet with efficient utilization of its hidden space. See also 17 Easy To Follow Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas to know how more about how to utilize your kitchen cabinet space efficiently.

Guidelines on Choosing the Right Organizing Products

There are a lot of different options to organize your blind corner cabinet.  They come in different designs and with various price tags as well. You always need to remember that it does not need to be expensive. What is important when buying a product is its durability and functionality.

The kitchen is probably the busiest part of your home so it’s important to choose a product that’s not only a solution to your problem but is also a product that can stand up over time. That is why product durability and functionality go hand in hand. Products that have the functionality that you need but do not have the durability could be just a waste of money. The same is true for products that have durability but do not have the function needed to solve your problem.

The type of product material is the key quality indicator. Products that are made from metal may be more expensive than products made with plastic however, they are more durable and definitely can stand up over time. Plus, when looking for functionality, product design is a good aspect to consider. Product design will tell you the product’s usefulness and how its design will address your specific needs.

All you need to do is answer the following questions to guide you in finding the right organizing products for your blind corner cabinet.

  • What are the items that you would want to store inside your cabinet?
  • How you would want to access these items?

Once you answer the questions above, then you would now know what organizing products that you should be looking for. As an example, if you are just planning to store your spices or plastic food containers and other small kitchen tools , then a simple lazy susan organizing product made from plastic material may be right for you. There really is no reason for you to spend more on other expensive organizing products because you don’t need them. However, if you are planning to store your heavy pots and pans and kitchen appliances, then a lazy susan would not be the perfect organizing product for your needs.

The right organizing product is a product that solves your storage needs. Sometimes you need to spend a little bit more to get the functionality and durability that you are looking for. Organizing products are a great tool that you can use to have an organized blind corner cabinet because they definitely increase your storage capacity.

Organizational Solutions For Your Blind Corner Cabinet

Below are some of the products that I personally picked that will help you to have an organized blind corner cabinet.

organized Blind Corner CabinetCircular Lazy Susan Cabinet Organizer  – This is the simple and easy solution if you have a diagonal blind corner cabinet where the cabinet door sits diagonally between both corners. However, a circular lazy susan will waste valuable corner space within the cabinet.

  • Product Dimension is 24 L  x 24 W x 31.5 H inches
  • Minimum Opening Width is 8.25 inches

organized Blind Corner Cabinet

Rev-A-Shelf –Width Half Moon Shelves With Hardware, Pivot & Slide – This is a better version of the traditional lazy susan because its has better accessibility features.  However, it’s only designed to hold lighter items like spices and other kitchen utensils.

  • Product Dimension is 32.5 L  x 15.9 W x 6.2 H inches
  • Minimum Opening Width is 12 inches

organized Blind Corner Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Blind Corner Pull Out Organizer – This is interior hardware that allows the metal rail shelves to pull out completely into the open. The design utilizes full usage of the corner space cabinet which increases your kitchen storage capacity. Aside from that, the product height is adjustable and made from material that offers exceptional resistance to corrosion and rust. Each tray also swings independently and can load up to 32.5 lb.

  • Product Dimension is 32.7 L  x 9.3 W x 21.9 H inches
  • Minimum Opening Width is 17.7 inches

Rev-A-Shelf 18 in 3-Tier Blind Corner Organizer, Chrome –  My personal favorite! The product will transform your blind corner cabinet into a “magic corner”.  It gives not only functionality and durability because it is made from heavy duty materials but also adds elegance in your kitchen. The unit slides completely outside the cabinet for easy accessibility. This product is definitely designed for storing heavy pots and pans. However, the installation may not be simple especially if you are not a handy person. I think you better leave the installation up to a professional.

  • Product Dimension is 20.25 L  x 32.25 W x 24 H inches
  • Minimum Opening Width is 17.7 inches

How I Organized My Blind Corner Cabinet: The Cheapest Possible Way

In my article How to Organize Kitchen Cabinets in Affordable Ways, I mentioned that I utilized the “hidden space” without using any of the products that I mentioned above. I used an old baking tray as my improvised pull-out shelf to store two heavy cooking skillets, also known as cast iron skillets. I stacked my two iron skillets on top of each other with a paper towel in between and placed them on top of the baking tray as my improvised pull out shelf. By the way, the paper towel lining on it helps to absorb any residual moisture from cleaning which will help to maintain your beloved iron skillet and keep it in good condition. I then pushed them into the blind spot of the cabinet because these are two skillets that I only use a few times in a year.

Behind the cast iron skillet, I also placed the refrigerator glass shelf that is wrapped with 3 pillow cases (for protection purposes) because this is the glass shelf that I took it out from our refrigerator to make space for our water filter dispenser. I cannot throw this away even though we will probably never use it. However, if we need to sell our house again, this glass shelf will be a need for the next homeowner. So I placed it into the hardest to reach part of the blind corner cabinet.

I also use a reusable Teflon coated sheet as my improved pull-out system for cooking pans and pots that I place behind the cooking tools that I use frequently as shown in the picture.

My slow cooker is placed on top of the Teflon coated sheet and stored behind my rice cooker and base of my food processor in the most accessible part of the blind cabinet as these are the cooking tools that I used often and they’re definitely lighter than my two iron skillets.

The Teflon coated sheet helps me to move the slow cooker back and forth within the cabinet with ease, aside from that it helps protect both the cabinet and the slow cookers. I was also able to utilize the Teflon Oven Liner Mat as a shelf liner that also helps to push around my big cooking pots and pan in the upper shelf of my blind corner. I store the baking muffin tray that I rarely use on the hidden spot of the cabinet besides the big stir fry skillet that is also on top of the Teflon coated sheet.

That’s how I organized my blind corner cabinet the cheapest possible way. I hope that this gives you inspiration to make use of your blind corner cabinet in the most efficient and organized way.

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