Salmon Recipes For People Who Don’t Like Salmon

In this guide I will show salmon recipes for people who don’t like salmon, you will discover the best healthy salmon recipes even fish haters will like. I reveal the best salmon recipes that will even cater to people who are picky eaters when it comes to eating salmon. This is the list of delicious salmon recipe that can be enjoyed not only by salmon lovers but by the whole family. Salmon just like any other seafood product only takes a few minutes to cook so that is why the majority of salmon recipes are easy recipes to cook making them a perfect meal to prepare during a busy weeknight.

Salmon is one of the fishes that are considered to be “fatty fish or “oily fish”. This may sound unattractive but these are terms that describe many foods from the sea that are the tastiest and healthiest meat. That is why most of the health experts advise that salmon should be part of everyone’s healthy dinner staples. Salmon just like any other oily fish like tuna, sardines, mackerel, and trout are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are considered healthy fats that aren’t found in most meats and fats that are not produced by the body. In order to obtain these omega-3 fatty acids, fatty acids that may help to reduce inflammation throughout the body and slow the formation of plaque in the arteries, is through food. The best part about this is that you just need to make sure that you eat fish rich in omega-3 up to 3 times a week or the equivalent of 8 ounces of salmon or any type of fatty fish. This is the recommended amount by the American Heart Association.

However, you need to remember that any foods that have heart health benefits will be cancelled if you deep-fry them in a huge amount of vegetable oil. The best way to gain the maximum nutritional benefit for your body from these foods is to cook them in steam, broil, grill or bake. The key to making a flavorful fish meal is to have very fresh fish and to make sure that it’s cooked just right. Overcooking any type of seafood will make the meat dry out and will give it a chalky taste which may end up causing you to hate eating it all together.

Cooked Salmon Temperature

The USDA recommends that internal temperature of cooked salmon should be 145 degrees F (62.8 degrees C). However, many find that at 145 degrees F this will result in having overdone salmon since the internal temperature continues to rise after it’s removed from fire. So in order to avoid overcooking the salmon, heat it to about 125 degrees F, according to America’s Test Kitchen (52 degrees C).

Tips: Did you know that lemon juice, soy sauce and sesame oil are great ingredients to use when you want to get rid of the unpleasant fishy taste of any fish?

Different Types Of Salmon For Your Different Healthy Salmon Recipes

Coho Salmon often known as silver salmon that is found in the Pacific side and has a more mild flavor than Sockeye salmon. The whole Coho salmon usually weighs between 23 and 24 pounds.

Sockeye salmon is a Pacific species distinguished by its deep red color, fatty texture, and pungent aroma.

Chum Salmon contains less oil which makes the taste of Chum salmon lighter than Sockeye and considered one of the smallest salmon and weighs around 8 pounds. The salmon fillets of this type is called Keta salmon.

Pink or Humpback Salmon is the most common type of salmon available in the market. It has a pale pink color, a mild flavor and is lesser in fat.

King salmon is a rare kind of fish that is also one of the best that money can buy. It has richer flavor, meat that is thicker, and is more nutritious. It has a pink, orange, and marble hue. They are commonly found in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, and parts of Asia.

Farm-raised Salmon, also known as Atlantic salmon, comes in a variety of colors and is available all year long. This is often fattier and higher in calories than wild-caught salmon yet still considered very healthy.

Pointers When Buying Salmon At The Grocery Store

Look For Vibrantly Colored Fish – If this is you first time to buy salmon, search for salmon that appears to have a good moisture content because it is an excellent sign of freshness and a sign that the fish was properly handled. Any salmon with the skin side which has started to brown and curl up, with brown patches on the belly and around the edges should be avoided. Also, when the flakes at the fish’s cut edges begin to separate from one another, you should avoid buying that too.

Frozen Salmon Sometimes Is Better Than Fresh Salmon – A lot of frozen fish is stored in ice on boats shortly after it’s capture to retain its freshness. Plus, with the advances in vacuum packing technology this has lead to a better quality of frozen fish.

Do Not Avoid Buying Farmed Raised Salmon – Farmed raised salmon when responsibly produced is a great low-cost alternative to wild salmon. Aside from that that, higher end grocery stores have self imposed aquaculture restrictions and limits to ensure its quality. The website, Montery Bay Aquarium, offers good and real-time information about the the best choices in farmed and wild-caught salmon.

Salmon Recipes Not Only For Salmon Lovers But Also For People Who Don’t Like Salmon

Below are salmon recipes that are packed with flavor and are a great way to enjoy the health benefits of salmon.

salmon recipes for people who don't like salmon

Baked Salmon Shakshuka Style Recipe: A perfect salmon recipe for a fancier dinner date night with your loved ones. This baked salmon is best paired with a glass of red wine and brown wheat dinner rolls. It is cooked in tomatoes with jalapenos together with bell pepper, onions, garlic, and spices that consist of paprika, cumin, turmeric and cayenne pepper.

salmon recipes for people who don't like salmon

Easy Salmon Recipe: Steamed Salmon In Savory Sauce is one of the easiest dinners that you can ever make. It only requires 5 minute of prep time to combine all the cooking sauces, namely oyster sauce, chili paste, soy sauce, honey and sesame oil. Then just pour this over the salmon. Next, steam the salmon wait for a few minutes and voila, you now have a delicious meal. This recipe is best served with brown rice or white rice and green beans or any roasted green vegetables. This is surely a recipe to make for an easy weeknight dinner.

salmon recipes for people who don't like salmon

Recipe For Salmon Soup With Vegetables: Fish Soup in Sour Broth – Bite-sized salmon (flaky fish) cooked with spinach, chicken broth, potatoes, lime and lemon juice, tomatoes, salt, black pepper and spinach in this one simple recipe.

Baked Salmon Recipe With Tomatoes And Olives – This recipe simply takes a few minutes to create and this includes gathering all of the necessary ingredients. After that, it’s only a matter of putting everything in a casserole dish or baking dish then you just need to bake it. Then voila, your delicious dinner is ready. Leftover salmon? This recipe tastes even better the second day since the tomato juices soak into the salmon, making it even more flavorful.

Salmon Stew with Potatoes and Carrots Recipe – Looking for an easy, affordable and healthy meal that will definitely be loved by the whole family? Try this salmon stew recipe, a dish that will provide you and your family with a gratifying meal without making them feel guilty because they’ll know they’ve eaten not only a tasty dish but also a healthy meal.


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