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Size Of Pantry Container Matters

Size of pantry container matters when decanting your pantry essentials. But have you ever wondered about what size of the containers that you need to buy? And what is the perfect size of the pantry container that will suit your storage needs?

Decanting pantry items becomes so popular for pantry organization. And after looking at beautiful pantry photos of fully organized pantry on Instagram or Pinterest, you are now ready to buy all matching containers. Your goal becomes putting everything into a matching container and color coordinated baskets. However, before you do that, let me remind you that decanting can be a time-consuming process of getting groceries put in order and sometimes or most of the times can overwhelm you. If you are new to “organizing”, better to pick what pantry items most likely need to decant as a starting point, see the Pantry Organization Ideas and Guidelines. And from then, examine yourself if you can handle the tedious part of decanting. If you are up to the challenge of decanting, below are some things that you need to consider when buying pantry containers and why definitely the size of container matters to make decanting easier. See also Small Pantry Organization: From Unorganized Mess To Organized Bliss , Eliminate Food Waste While Keeping A Well Stocked Pantry and  17 Easy To Follow Cabinet Organization Ideas For Small Kitchen to know more about pantry and kitchen organization.

Why Size of Container Matter?

Decanting is by definition to “gradually pour (liquid, typically wine or a solution) from one container into another, especially without disturbing the sediment”. However, the term “decanting” also became a popular term to describe transferring food from their original packaging into a plastic or glass container. This is actually an essential process, especially if you are buying in a bulk like flour, sugar or rice. Why? Because it promotes food safety, preventing those pantry items from infestation, maintain its shelf life and it definitely improves the esthetic look of your pantry. But again it is a time-consuming process, so you really need to make sure that you can do and maintain the “decanting process”.

And if you decide you want to try it, below are some of the things that you need to consider before buying your container:

  • The amount or size of your pantry items – Buy a container that will store the whole pantry item. Do not buy too big or too small pantry container from what your storage needs. Container that is too big will result to poor pantry space utilization while container that is too small will create usage of multiple containers and more work for yourself. This will also help you to monitor your pantry inventory effectively.
  • The weight of the pantry goods – The weight of the pantry goods will determine the storage level position of that pantry item in your pantry. For safety purposes, place large or heavy pantry staple at the bottom part your pantry aside from its frequency of use. (see the Home Storage Organization Solution Using SYSTEMATIZE Method: “2nd S” of the 5S System)
  • How you want to access your pantry staple – You need to determine your preferred method (pouring or scooping method) of accessing your dry goods from a storage container. If you like to scoop things out with a measuring cup, then you need to look for a container with a wider or bigger mouth.
  • The dimension of your pantry cabinet/shelf – Pantry container comes with different sizes and forms, there is tall, short, round, wide and narrow. Buy a pantry container that will fit into your pantry cabinet/shelf and at the same time will utilize the usage of your pantry space.

inside pantry


By considering the above items, this makes the decanting process more manageable. The following are some containers ideal for storing your pantry essentials with its corresponding dimension and storage capacity. Remember, buy container that suit your storage needs.

pantry container

30 lbs









Storage Container with Wheels Seal Locking Lid – container is big enough to hold 30 lbs of rice and can also be used as your dog food container. It comes with sealing lid which will isolate moisture and dust and keep food dry and fresh.


pantry container


5 lbs









Uppetly Rice Airtight Dry Food Storage Containers – If you usually buy a 5lbs bag of rice and you like to pour the rice from the container then this pantry storage container is for you. It comes with measuring cup and stainless steel whisk. You can identify the contents because of its clear plastic container with 4 sided licking lid with silicone seal. This is also ideal to store cereal and any grain and bean products.


pantry container

7 lbs










Chef’s Path Airtight Extra Large Food Storage Container/7-lbs (3.2L) – 4 PC Set – This ideal to sugar, cereal and flour storage because of its airtight design.



pantry container


3 lbs









Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set/3lbs (1.5L) – 6 PC Set/All Same Size – This is ideal to store your baking ingredients and store cookies or candies from an open bag.



Pantry Container

20 lbs










Komax Biokips Large Food Storage Container | 20-lbs Dry Food – It comes with plastic scoop with lid but it is not air tight container.


25 lb container

25 lbs bag of rice










LOCK & LOCK Easy Essentials Food Lids (Flip-Top) / 25 lbs Pantry Storage – If you are a baker or just love to bake, you probably want to stock up flour in your pantry. This container is an airtight and it is big enough to hold 25 lbs of flour.



rice pantry container

14 lb oats










Extra Large Tall Food Storage Containers 7 qt/ 220oz/ 6.5L/14 LBS – Ideal for Flour, Sugar and Oats storage.


Canisters below are ideal for small amount of your pantry supplies and spices.

different sized containers

EatNeat 5-Piece Airtight Glass Kitchen Canisters with Glass Lids

4.2 inch container

Spice Jars 24 Glass Bottle Containers (4 oz) with Shaker Insert Tops

magnetic spice tin

Talented Kitchen 12 Magnetic Spice Tins and 2 Types of Spice Labels. 12 Storage Spice Containers

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