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Small Closet Organization Ideas: How To Make Use Of Every Inch Of Your Small Closet

This guide Closet Organization Ideas: How To Make Use Of Every Inch Of Your Small Closet is about different storage solutions to help you find space in your small closet for your most essential items. It will also help you to find space for the things you just want to keep.

Small Closet Organization: Size Matters

When it comes to closets, size really matters. The size of your closet will determine the amount of clothes you can store in order to maintain closet organization.

A small closet often times will require you to reduce the amount of items you put into the space and may even demand you to throw away or donate the stuff that you have not used for a while. This will be the only way to make organization in your closet happen. Let’s face it, the smaller the closet makes it not only harder to get organize, it also makes it really difficult to stay organized. So, if you refuse to do the process of discarding all of your unnecessary things and decide to keep everything while you keep adding up some new items, you will end up having stacks of stuff and finding what you are looking for can often be a daily struggle.

A disorganized closet whether you have a big walk-in closet or a small closet promotes stress, uncertainty and frustration. If you have to constantly look for something you need very badly and you cannot find it in your closet, this will cause unneeded frustration. In the end, you spend a valuable amount of time looking for that particular item accompanied with the various negative emotions that come along with it. You may even still end up going out to shop for another one.

At the same time, a disorganized closet will also make you feel as if you have nothing to wear even though you may be staring at a wardrobe full to the brim with clothing.  You may end up doing the same thing, going out to buy new clothes even though you don’t need them. Both situations will cause you to spend both money and time. Having an organized closet can help you to keep sane and calm because everything that you need at a particular time are all within your reach.

Remove Items

The good news is there are numerous closet organization ideas that you can follow to organize your small closet. And by investing in some good organizing products and learning a few storage tricks, you will able to transform your disorganized small closet into an organized one. However, for you to transform your disorganized closet, there one thing that you need to do to turn organization into a reality. You need to empty your closet!

By removing everything out in your closet, you will begin to realize how much stuff you have accumulated over time and how much stuff that you have not used for a long time. You will then be able to convince and motivate yourself that you need to get rid of all the things that have not used for a while. In this way, it will be easier for you to follow the step by step procedure to organize your small closet which will require you to separate items that you need from items that you do not need. See Decluttering Your Home In 5 Easy Japanese Steps. This will guide you into the proper way of sorting things and what to do for items that you do not need but have a sentimental value. Below are essentials steps that you need to undertake for you to start organizing your small closet.

6 Essentials Steps To Organize Your Small Closet

1. Remove Everything Out of Closet

Every time the season changes,  go through your closet. Throw away things that are damaged beyond repair or donate or sell items that are in good condition but you have not been worn for a long time. It is recommended that you get rid of an old item each time you bring a new item into your closet. These are the old items that you have not used for a long time and which are just occupying your precious space in your closet. The truth is, your needs, style and your body changes over time because nothing stays the same and definitely nothing looks great forever. Try to consider selling or donating all items that you do not need that are still in great condition. Anything that you may consider worthless will be a treasure to someone else. Therefore, do not hesitate to sell or donate your old items because you will not only be helping others but you are also helping yourself to keep your things organized.

2. Remove Anything That Does Not Belong

Anything that does not belong in your closet should be removed like old costumes, free tote bags, bad hangers,  shoes that hurt, vacuum and other crafts supplies. These items should not have a space in your closet.

3. Group Together All Items Per Season

In order to put everything in order, you need to gather all of your clothes and accessories that you wear and separate them into season.

  • Out of Season Clothing – Pack up all out of season clothing and store them in weather tight bins if you are going to store them in the basement, attic, under your bed, or in the garage so everything stays dry and clean. However, if you have space in your closet, store your out of season clothing inside bins and place them on the high shelves. In this way, they are out of your way and the most accessible part of your closet will be allocated to the current season clothing.
  • Dresses and Accessories For Formal Occasions – These items can be moved to the closet of another room or stored in the hardest to reach part of your closet if you have a space for them.
  • Group Items with Like Items – All everyday t-shirts, tank tops, leggings, summer dresses and so on should be grouped and stored together.

4. Put Everything In Its Place On A Seasonal Basis: Keep Your Everyday Essentials In The Front Row

When thinking where to store your groups of clothing, you need to keep in mind the famous phrase, “out of sight, out of mind”. Why? Because it definitely works when organizing your closets. Items you do not see will lead you to forget that you have them which also leads to not wearing these items for a very long time. Allocate the prime location or shelves that are accessible to your favorite items and everyday clothing while storing your least-worn clothes in the back and out of season clothing at the hardest to reach areas of your small closet.

This will make getting dressed a lot easier, and you’ll avoid the all-too-common scenario of rummaging through your wardrobe and ending up with a pile of throw out items on the floor or on your bed.

Tip: Always allocate the prime spot of your closet for your current season clothing.

5. Clean Your Closet Each Season And Place Your Out-Of-Season Items Where They Belong

Cleaning is always part of the organizing process, your closet just like any other part of your home gets dusty and is prone to accumulating unnecessary items over time. It is recommended to clean your closet at least once every season. Cleaning your closet not only involves dusting and keeping everything neatly folded. It’s also a great time to get rid of any stuff you do not wear frequently, items that are no longer your style, clothes that do not fit and clothes beyond repair. Consider selling or giving away the items that are still in good condition to help people in need while also keeping your closet orderly. By doing this, you will make enough room for your most beloved items and prevent your closet from getting crowded.

You also need to make sure that all of your out of season clothing that will be removed from your closet are ready for storage before putting them inside a storage container or will be moved to another bedroom’s closet. It means, they must be all cleaned! All clothing that needs to be dry cleaned like your winter coats should be dry cleaned before storing them. This will help you to remove any stains or smells aside from helping you to keep your out of season clothing in good condition and it prevent unwanted visitors such as moths from getting in.

6. Use The Right Storage and Label Them

Storage bins and other organizing products are your best friend. All clothing that needs to be stored outside of your closet should be stored in a container where they are protected. This also makes your organizing easier. Once you have placed all your out of season clothing inside a storage container, identify the content of each container through labels.

Label each of your containers because it will help you know what items are in each container without a need to open them. This will also keep you and your storage area organized. Labels will help you to find a specific item quickly, all you have to do is search through the labels. Therefore, it will save you a lot of time and keep the mess at bay.

Now that you have learned the basic steps to start organizing your closet, the most exciting part of the process will take place which is the different ways to utilize your closet space to the fullest. Below are some of the closet organization ideas that I used to organize my small closet and which you can easily follow to help you maximize every inch of your small closet space.

Closet Organization Ideas To Maximize Every Inch Of Your Small Closet Space

1.Use A Space Saving Non-Slip Hangers

A great way to maximize the space of your small closet is to replace all of your hangers with space saving non-slip hangers. Why? Because space saving non-slip hangers will not only allow you to gain more space compared to traditional bulky hangers but will also allow you to hang your clothes neatly as well as prevent your clothes from falling on to the floor. According to Marissa Hagmeyer, co-owner of Neat Method, “You will instantly gain at least 20 percent more hanging space and your garments will be sure to stay in place. If you do only one thing, do this!”

Non-Slip Velvet Hangers – Beautiful black velvet, space saving non-slip hangers with 360 degree swivel chrome hooks and notched shoulders that can hold up to 10 lb items and will make hanging clothes a simple pleasure.

Slack/Trousers Pants Hangers – Featuring an open ended design that makes hanging skirts, pants, linen, scarves and accessories easier plus it has the rubber coated pants bar that will keep clothing from wrinkling and creasing.

Multi-Layer Jeans Trouser Hanger– This hanger can hold up to 5 jeans, trousers or other clothing.

2. Get A Clothing Rack With Wheels

If you are living in a small Cape Cod home, it’s probably safe to assume that you also have a smaller bedroom which also means having a smaller closet.

A smaller closet that is very narrow and deep, having two rows of short hanging rods instead of one long rod to hang clothes, one in front and then another in back.  If this closet description sounds familiar with you, then you know that all clothes hanging behind the first hanging rods are not visible and definitely not accessible. You will need to take out a few of the clothes hanging in front to access clothes in the back.

closet organization ideas

To solve the issue of visibility and accessibility, invest in a good clothing rack with wheels. Using a clothing rack with wheels will help you to manage your narrow and deep closet space effectively and at the same time, it will allow you to look at all of the clothes behind the first hanging rod without removing any of the other clothes on the first rod. The wheels on the clothing rack will make  accessibility to the clothing in the back on the 2nd rod much easier. All you need to do is to pull out the clothing rack and you can easily see and access the clothes that you are looking for.

closet organization ideas


Below are the different garment racks that you can choose from:

Dual Bar Adjustable Garment Rack – Sturdy hanging bars for jackets, coats, pants, and dresses. It comes with heavy duty 2.5″casters/wheels and with dimension of 72″H x 45.75″W x 18″D.


Double Rod Garment Rack – It comes with extensible horizontal rod from 30.5″ to 48″ and with dimension of 15”L x 58.75”H x 30.5″W (Width extendable to 48″).

Adjustable Garment Rack with 2 Tier Metal Shelf for Shoes Boxes – Also comes with extensible horizontal rail garment rack from 34.3″ to 54″ and bottom 2-tier shelf that can be used to store your storage boxes and shoes.

Standard Rod Garment Rack– The horizontal rod is also extensible from 30.5″ to 47.25″ and with dimension of 15″D x 58.3″H x 30.5″W .





Closet Organization Ideas: Make sure you measure the dimension of your closet and try to figure out the dimensions for the clothing rack that can fit in inside your small closet.

3.  Go Vertical: Create Your Own Shelving Solution

Hanging space is not only a solution for your storage needs, sometimes you just need to have shelving. Not all clothes need to be hanged because some clothing is better to be folded.

Tip: Examples of types of clothes that are better folded are all clothes that do not require ironing, your everyday shirts, your delicate cashmere sweaters, under garments, heavy knits, leggings and so on.

However, if you do not have shelving to place your folded clothes on, using organizational products will help you to create your own shelving solution. The use of vertical hanging bags and stackable bins or racks will help you to provide the storage space that you need. Vertical hanging bags will allow you to store your clothes or other accessories that cannot be hanged and are better to be folded. Stackable boards or racks are one of the organizing products that can store any items that you like and they do not take up much space because they use the vertical space just like the vertical hanging bags.


closet organization ideas

I used a stackable metal wire rack with wheels to store my current season everyday clothing. The attached wheels will help me to easily access all the items stored behind it.

All you need is to choose the perfect size that your closet can handle. Depending on the location of where you want to place your vertical hanging bag or stackable bins or rack, they can be used to store your current season everyday clothing. You need to place them in the most accessible part of your closet or for your out of season clothing, place them in the hard to reach area of your closet.

Below are some of the best vertical hanging bags and stackable bin racks that you can find on the market that will help to create a shelving storage solution that will cater to your needs:

Hanging Closet Organizer with Garment Rod – It has 4 spacious storage compartments that will help to maximize the use of the vertical space in the closet and help to store your folded clothes or items that cannot be hanged.

6-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer – Strengthened with heavy-duty fiberboard and an extra wide hook-and-loop wrap that can hold up to 50 lbs without bending on top. It is also comes with 3 extra removable drawers, ideal storage for your undergarments.

2 Separable 3-Shelf Hanging Shelves with 3 Drawers – This will keep your everyday belongings organized and accessible while making the most of the vertical space in your closet.

Box Chest DrawerThis drawer can easily be opened with dimensions of 19.63L x 15.75W x 9H .

Storage Organizer Wire Basket with Wheels–  This can store a good number of your closet essentials  with dimensions of 15.75”x10.63”x9.06″. It may look like a cart that is only designed to store kitchen essentials but it actually works well to store your folded clothes in your closet.

4.  Add A Dresser Under Your Clothes

closet organization ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

One of the better ways to utilize every inch of your closet space is to place a small dresser and shoe rack beneath your hanging clothing. Then allocate the top most drawer of your dresser to store your jewelry, hats and other accessories.

Tip: If you still have enough space in between the top surface of your dresser and bottom part of your hanging clothes, utilize the space by placing a storage basket. A storage basket that you can use to store essentials that you want to have quick access to.

Dresser Storage Furniture Organizer – It comes with 4 removable drawers that can be used to store your folded clothes, accessories and everyday essentials with dimensions of 11.41″ x 22.83″ x 30.9″ .

Tall Chest Tower Organizer – Features 8 removal drawers with dimensions of 11.8″D x 33.8″W x 35.3″H

5 Tier Stackable Wire Basket Rolling Cart – This can be used in any part of your home, a perfect storage solution.

5.  Use A Double Hanging Technique

If you generally only needs a limited amount of space for your long dresses because your shirts and jeans are taking up the majority of your hanging space, a double hanging technique is for you. Invest in a good closet storage system that will provide you more hanging space for your shirts and jeans and just enough space for your long dresses.


6. Hang More Than One Item Per Hanger

If you have a narrow and small closet, the majority of the closet storage systems available on the market may be too big to fit inside your closet. Even if you have the money to buy some really good closet storage organizing system, but your space will not permit you, then you are stuck with what you have. The better and the cheapest way to maximize your small closet space is to utilize your hanger by hanging more than one item if possible.

Tip: Hang each piece of clothing in such a way that you will able to easily access both of the items or without a need to remove one in order to get one.

Below are some of the hanging tricks that I discovered when I was organizing my narrow and deep small closet:

closet organization ideas

If you have a piece of clothing that you often end up wearing with another piece, hang them together on one hanger. For example, if you have a dress that you always wear with a cardigan, hang them both together on one hanger. However, this is only applicable if one item has a wrinkle free fabric or fabric that does not easily get wrinkled. Like in my case, I hang my white stretchable dress over the bar of the hanger and using the same hanger to hang the cardigan that I usually pair with my white dress. Since my hanger is a non-slip velvet hanger, my dress is prevented from moving or slipping. I can then easily remove the dress without removing the black cardigan.

closet organization ideas


You can also hang two flowery summer dresses together.

closet organization ideas


For your drawstring dresses that need to hang in a regular way to prevent them from getting wrinkled, use cloth clips or chip clips and attached on the two opposite side of the hanger just like shown in the picture above.

7. Utilize Shoe Containers and Storage Baskets To Hold Your Shoes and Other Items

Image Source: Pinterest

To keep your shoes looking neat and organized, invest in some stackable clear storage boxes. The transparent design allows easy identification of what is inside the box without opening the container and without a label. A storage basket is also a great option to store your shoes and other items and it can hold a lot of items without looking cluttered.

Plastic Storage Box – Made from durable material with snap-tight lid which protects the condition of the shoes stored in the container.

Storage Boxes Stackable with Lids Magnetic Door – This shoe box allows your shoes to be displayed in all directions and gives you easy access because it has a front opening.

8.Use The Space In Your Bedroom By Installing Shelving And By Using A Stylish Dresser

closet organization ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Another fantastic option to free up space in the closet for items that do not fit or for items that need easy accessibility is to utilize a modular storage system in your bedroom to put the prettiest pieces out in the open.
Tip: This option is really a nice idea for people who have no problem in keeping their place organized at all times. They will have no problem in keeping the area from looking cluttered.
closet organization ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Using your dresser to store any items that need easy accessibility such as your everyday clothing, undergarments, socks and night-wares.

9. Use Decorative Storage Bins with Lids To Store Your Out-Of- Season Clothing

Decorative storage bins with lids and with a built in label holder is a perfect storage solution to store your out of season clothing, blankets or so on. The label holder will allow you to identify the content which makes it easy to find items. The decorative storage bins will not only improve the look of your closet and store your clothes neatly but also help you to move and carry them around with ease. This is especially true if you are planning to store your out of season clothing on the top shelf in order to utilize the vertical space.

closet organization ideas

You can also utilize the top of the storage bins by putting a storage basket to store your other essentials such as scarves, etc., or simply use the top surface to store your everyday bags. In this way, no space is wasted and everything is accessible.

Storage Bins With Lids – Made of thick fabric and has a heavy duty cardboard insert which makes this decorative storage bin both functional and useful to store out of season clothing.

Storage Box Bin with Clear Window and Hinged Lid – The clear window will allow you to easily identify the contents and designed to be stackable and easy access.

10. Allocate A Special Spot For The Items That You Love

closet organization ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

If you have a few bags in your collection because you love to match your bag with your outfit and a few favorite shoes to wear, invest in some good vertical hanging bags that can hold your precious items without occupying too much space. In this way, you can easily see and access them whenever you want.
closet organization ideas

Image Source: Pinterest

Tip: You can also utilize the space behind your closet door by using over the door shoe bags or the Container Store’s Elfa rack system.

11. Install Task Light

A small closet also means it’s more difficult to find what you’re searching for but you can make it easier by using a task light. Recessed lighting is the best because it does not take up a vertical space but a small scone light will also work well and will provide the lighting that you need.

12. Be creative

closet organization ideas


Find a creative ways to utilize every inch of your closet space. You just need to be resourceful and try to repurpose whatever you have to create a storage solution for your storage needs.

Tip:  To use the space in between the base of the clothing rack and hanging clothes, attach the clear shoe storage box using a glue gun (this is not totally secured but it helps the shoe box to stay on the base of the clothing rack).  Use a storage basket to place shoes that you are most likely to wear often while shoes that you only use for certain occasion store them inside the shoe storage box.




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