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Small Kitchen Dining Table Dimensions And More (Complete Guide)

This guide to small kitchen table dimensions will show you how to choose the right size dining table based on available space in your kitchen.

Having a table in your kitchen will allow your loved ones to eat where the food is prepared. This is commonly referred to by interior designers as an eat-in kitchen design. By definition, an eat-in kitchen is a kitchen with a dining area also known as a kitchen dining room. This is the type of kitchen design concept where convenience and functionality are combined. Convenience is done in such a way that you only need to take a few steps to set your food, plates, silverware and anything you need on serving dishes.

When it comes to functionality, the dining table can also serve as an extra lounge when you are not cooking or a nice place to chat with your visiting friends while you are preparing food in the kitchen. Adding a table in the kitchen provides endless space ideas regardless of the room size. However, smaller kitchens can benefit with this kitchen design concept and can actually gain extra space visually when properly designed.

If you have enough room, adding a table in your kitchen is actually a great option to gain additional space that will serve as the hub of everyday activities, casual family interactions and food preparation. However, most people find it challenging to choose the right piece sizes when styling or furnishing a new room because nobody wants to end up with a dining set that is too big or too small for their space. Fortunately, equipping yourself with the basic information that you need to know when purchasing a new table and utilizing your tape measure, you will be able to find the perfect dimensions of a table for your kitchen. Below are guidelines to pick the perfect kitchen table:

What Is The Right Size/Dimensions For A Table For My Kitchen?

To know the right size of your kitchen table you first need to know the dimensions of the space that you are working with, the seating capacity that you would like to have and the traffic flow since the kitchen is the busiest room in the entire house. By determining these factors, you will able to know the best size table for your kitchen.

Typically, your kitchen table as well as your kitchen chairs are smaller and may only fit your immediate family than the table and chairs in your dining area. That is, if you have a separate dining room. The chairs paired with the kitchen table tend to be less bulky, armless and look more casual than the chairs in the dining room.

A simple rule of thumb to know whether a table will fit in the area that you are working with is to allocate at least 36 inches of open space around the table. The 36 inches of open space will allow you to pull out the chairs from the table or walk behind a seated person.

However, if you are planning to place a dining table in the center or within the kitchen main work areas, you need to treat your dining table as a kitchen island and therefore you need to allocate an open space of 42 to 48 inches between the dining table and kitchen cabinetry and main work areas such as the refrigerator, sink and stove. The 42 to 46 inches of open space will allow you to move safely around the kitchen and will allow you to freely open the cabinet doors, dishwasher and drawers without restriction. Also, make sure that the placement of your table will not hinder you from gaining easy access to the sink, stove and refrigerator. For more details about the right spacing allocation around the kitchen island, see How Much Space Around Kitchen Island.

How To Calculate The Right Size/Dimensions For Your Kitchen Table

  1. Get The dimensions of your dining space by measuring the length and the width.
  2. Subtract 6 feet from the length and width measurement to allocate the 36 inches of open space around the table.
  3. The difference between the length and the width will be the maximum recommended dimensions for your kitchen table.

For example, the dimensions of your dining space is 11 feet x 10 feet.  Subtracting 6 feet from 11 feet which will give a difference of 5 feet and then subtract 6 feet from 10 feet which will give you a difference of 4 feet. Then, the maximum recommended dimension for you kitchen table will be 6 feet x 5 feet or 72 inches x 60 inches.  Of course you will not find a table size that is exactly 72 inches x 60 inches because the majority of the rectangular tables are between 36 inches and 40 inches wide and 48, 60 and 78 inches long. So, you will have an option to buy a 48 to 78 inch long x 40 inch wide table.

What Is The Standard Width And Standard Height Of A Dining Table?

The standard table width of a dining table is 36 to 40 inches which will give you enough room for place settings and food while the standard dining table height is 29 to 31 inches. The longer the table the wider it will be.

What Is The Standard Space In Between Seats?

The standard space in between seats is 24 inches but 20 inches in between diner will work as well especially if you use chairs without an armrest or if you use less bulky chairs. However, if you want you and your loved ones to be more comfortable, allocate a space of 26 to 30 inches between each person. You must also allocate enough clear knee space for each seated person. Below is the minimum depth or the standard clear knee space for each person for each standard table height:

  • For tables with a height between 29 to 31 inches – Allocate a minimum 18 inches deep clear knee space for each seated person.
  • For counter height tables or tables with a height of 36 inches – Allocate a minimum of 15 inches deep clear knee space for each seated person.
  • For high counter height tables or tables with a height of 42 inches – Be sure to allocate a minimum of 12 inches deep clear knee space for each seated person.

How To Choose The Right Kitchen Table Dimensions And Design For Tight And Small Kitchens

1. Choose an expandable table with leaves to seat more people when your are entertaining during special occasions and feel more spacious when it’s just your family.

2. If you have a small space or a small square room, consider purchasing a round pedestal table because it takes up less space and will allow you to easily walk around. Below are the standard round table diameters based on the number of users:

  • 4 person table – 42 to 48 inches diameter
  • 6 to 8 person table – 60 inches diameter

3. Consider creating a dining or breakfast nook in the corner with the use of banguette seating placed against 1 or 2 walls or use benches which you can easily slide under the table when you do not need them. The breakfast nooks design is a match made in heaven for tight spaces.

4. For a rectangular table, allocate at least 24 inches per person when calculating the right length of the table based on the number of users or desired seating capacity.

Different Kitchen Table Dimensions And Shapes

The best dining room table size depends on its shape and design. Typically, dining or kitchen tables come in various shapes and each table shape has it own advantages and disadvantages depending on how you use it. The right shape of your table is determined by the shape of the room or your dining room layout while the size of your table should be in proportion to the size of the room as well as the size of surrounding furniture pieces.

For example, if you have a rectangular shaped room and you are planning to add a console or buffet table against the wall, a square dining table is appropriate for the space. The buffet table and the square shaped table when combined visually will form a rectangular shape which is appropriate for a rectangular shaped room. The same is true in terms of the size of the room, if you have a small dining room, it is only right to have a smaller table because a larger table will definitely crowd the space of smaller kitchens. This will make you uncomfortable to move around the kitchen.

Circular Tables

small kitchen table dimensions

A round dining table is one of the most preferred dining tables for two to four diners or for smaller spaces. This circular dining table is an ideal table shape for smaller dining rooms or smaller square shaped rooms. It allows everyone in small gatherings to easily converse with each other. However, a round table is only ideal for small gatherings. The use of a large round table may not be possible in your kitchen or even in a formal dining room because the typical dining room size does not have much room to accommodate one.

Square Tables

small kitchen table dimensions

A square dining table is an ideal shape for four to six diners and an ideal shaped table for a square shaped room and for a small family. What’s so good about having a square shape table is that it gives intimacy to a small number of diners.

Rectangular Tables

This is the best table shape for large families because it can seat more than six people. This is especially true, if your rectangular shaped table comes with an extra leaf as it will accommodate more seating space for additional guests. It is also the most common because most dining room shapes are rectangular. Typically, a rectangular dining table width is between 36 to 40 inches. Rectangular tables that are 36 inches wide usually work well with narrow dining rooms.

However, a narrow rectangular table or rectangular table that is less than 36 inches wide will not give you enough room to fit place settings on both sides and food on the table. If your space only permits you to have a narrower table, you can utilize a buffet table to gain additional space aside from gaining additional storage space that can be used for food placement during especial occasions so your guests can serve themselves.

Oval Tables

Oval dining tables are pretty similar to rectangular tables. The only difference is that it has rounded corners. If you have a narrow room and sometimes need more seats on an occasional basis, consider an oval shaped dining table.

Kitchen Table Dimensions Based On Number Of Users

Two Person Kitchen Table Standard Dimensions

  • Square Table for 2 people: A minimum of 32 inches on each side is recommended, though some cafeterias have 30 or 32 inches.
  • Rectangular Table for 2: If you want to be comfortable, the table dimensions should be 38 x 30 inches or 32 inches wide.
  • Round Table for 2 People: If you’re expecting more guests, the table should be 32 to 36 inches in diameter.

Four Person Table Standard Measurements

  • Minimum size for a 4-person square table is 36 x 36 inches, but 40 or 44 inches is better. A 50-inch-wide table is ideal for comfort.
  • Rectangular table dimensions for 4 people are 48 x 36 inches.
  • Circular shaped tables should have at least least 36 inches in diameter for 4 people, but 42 to 52 inches is even better.

Six Person Table Standard Measurements

  • The rectangular table dimensions are 60 x 36-inch table at a minimum, but 92 x 40 inches will give you and your loved ones much more comfort.
  • Round table – A 52-inch-diameter round table for 6 people, but a 64-inch-diameter table if you have enough square footage.

Eight Person Table Standard Measurements

  • Square table for 8 People: This type of table seats 2 people on each side, so the sides must have space for diners’ arms and hands. The ideal dimensions for a square table of 8 people should be at least 54 x 54 inches.
  • Rectangular table dimensions for eight persons is 84 x 40 inches. This size table seats two diners at the head of the table and three diners on each side. If you want more elbow movement, choose a rectangular shaped table with dimensions of 96 x 40 inches.
  • We recommend a 72-inch-diameter round table for 8 people, but 84 inches is ideal if you have the space.

Ten To Twelve Person Table Standard Measurements

  • Rectangular table for 10 people is 120 x 54 inches.

I hope that my guide on small kitchen table dimensions will help you to choose the right dining table for your kitchen.

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