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Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas: Before And After Photos

This guide is about small kitchen remodel ideas that will give you an inspiration as to the different changes that are possible to make your cooking space not only beautiful but also functional.

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where you prepare meals to share with family and friends, where you feed your children, and where you spend a lot of time cleaning up after everyone leaves. Whether you’re a cook or not, it’s an important part of your life.

When you’re thinking about remodeling a small kitchen, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. But don’t worry, we have some ideas that will help you narrow down your options and create a design that will be beautiful, functional, and unique to your home.

Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas On A Budget

Below are great ways to improve your space without having to do major renovations like adding on more rooms or ripping out walls completely.

Painting Your Cabinets

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One of the easiest ways to change the look of your cooking area is by painting your cabinets. Painting the cabinets can give a big impact to your space and is an easy way to try out a new color without committing to a dramatic renovation.

But be sure to check with the manufacturer before painting. Some cabinets are made with materials that will not hold up well in damp conditions, such as water-based paints or stains. This means that if you have wood cabinets, you may need to use oil-based paints or stains instead of water-based ones.

It’s also important to keep in mind that when painting over existing paint jobs, you should always prime first so that the new paint sticks better, especially if it has been awhile since they were last painted. You can also use an enamel primer which will create a smoother surface and make it easier for paint to stick on top of it later on down the road if needed again later down the line.

Adding a Backsplash

If you’re looking to completely transform the look of your cooking area, but don’t want to spend a fortune on it, changing the style of your backsplash can make all the difference.

There are many ways to do this:

You can use peel and stick vinyl tiles to create a fun pattern or choose tiles that match the rest of your flooring. They can be installed with ease and they are also easy to clean.

If you want to go with the traditional tile option, you’ll just need some basic supplies like grout and adhesive. You’ll also need some tools like a trowel for spreading out adhesive and a hammer for tapping nails into place.

Then choose between glass or ceramic tiles. Glass tiles are usually more expensive than ceramic tiles but they can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms because they are waterproof and easy to clean. Ceramic tiles are less expensive but there are also many different kinds available so you should choose one that matches your style and décor perfectly.

Next you should measure out how much space you have available for your backsplash so that you can order enough material from the store or online retailer where you purchased it from. You should also make sure that any electrical outlets or pipes will not be blocked by whatever material you choose. This is important because this could cause serious damage later on down the road if not taken care of properly. This is done mostly due to lack of knowledge about how important it is when using electrical appliances around water sources such as faucets etc.

Once everything is ready to go, just start laying down tiles. You may want two people working together so that one person can hold each end while another works on gluing down each piece individually.

Changing the Countertop

It’s a fact: the counter space is quite possibly the most important element of the kitchen. It’s where you prepare your food, where you eat your meals, and where you wash up after those meals. So when it comes to redesigning your kitchen, it’s important to make sure that what you’re doing will be functional and aesthetically pleasing.

One way to transform your space is by changing the countertop. There are a ton of different options out there from granite to wood and they all have different benefits and drawbacks.

For example, a granite countertop can be very durable and easy to maintain, but they’re also much more expensive than other types of stone or tile. A butcher block countertop last longer than laminate ones although it does require some upkeep to maintain its appearance.

And then there are laminate counters that look like stone but cost less than half as much as real granite! They’re perfect if you want something that looks expensive but doesn’t cost quite as much as real stone would cost. They’re durable enough for daily use and easy enough to clean up after dinner parties with friends and family members.

Remove The Upper Cabinets Over Peninsula

small kitchen remodel ideas before and after

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Upper corner cabinets allow you to maximize the vertical space while still giving you plenty of room to store pots and pans or anything else that needs storage space. However, if these cabinets give a cluttered feeling to your cooking space, then take them out and replace them with open shelving.

Open shelving also gives a spacious look because it opens up the space making the room look larger. You can display your beautiful dishes and cookware on these shelves to create an eye-catching design on your kitchen peninsula.

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Adding open shelves beside the wall of your  peninsula is more eye appealing and feels more spacious especially when it is next to your kitchen window.

Create A More Functional And Efficient Space

Most people focus on making their space more aesthetically appealing. However, in reality, it is important to plan how to use it more effectively so it will be a more efficient and functional space. This includes considering the efficiency of the traffic flow within the space, efficient storage space or adding dishwasher or changing the size of the sink.

small kitchen remodel ideas before and after

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Consider taking advantage of vertical storage by installing shelves and cabinets above your countertops. To keep things organized and easy to reach, try using drawer organizers instead of keeping everything in one big drawer.

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Another option is installing pull-out drawers so you can easily access everything without having to move around a lot.

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Create a hidden storage area also known as an appliance garage because it provides you with more storage space while keeping small appliances out of sight and making sure they aren’t damaged by dust or sunlight exposure. This type of storage solution is perfect for people with limited space who are looking for ways to make their cooking area more functional while still having them look stylishly designed according to current trends.

Changing a Light Fixture 

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A kitchen light fixture is the first thing you see when you enter the room. It’s the first thing to catch your eye, and it can make a big difference in how your kitchen feels.

When you’re redesigning, it’s important to choose a light fixture that works within the space and provides you with enough illumination.

There are many types of light fixtures available at home improvement stores and online retailers. You can choose from pendants, chandeliers and sconces for your ceiling; hanging lights over the sink area or island. The choice is yours!

For the kitchen that is open to the dining room, choose a light fixture that will complement or work well with the design style of the light fixture you have over your dining table.

Get New Appliances 

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By replacing mismatched refrigerators, ranges, or dishwashers with ones that have a consistent finish, you may give your space a brand-new appearance.

Full Kitchen Remodel Ideas

When you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, it’s tempting to just slap a cabinet on the wall and call it a day. But if you really want your new kitchen to be the best it can be, you’ll want to think about how you can maximize your space and make sure everything has a place where it fits just right.

Follow The Work Triangle Guideline

The three primary work areas, the refrigerator, kitchen sink, and stove, sometimes referred to as the kitchen triangle, must be taken into account before beginning any remodeling. The sink should ideally be located between the stove and refrigerator, and the pantry cabinet where you keep your dry items should be close to the kitchen’s entrance. A work triangle is formed by this kind of arrangement.

The work triangle has long served as the norm for the kitchen layout. By reducing the distance between these three primary work areas, using the golden triangle concept makes a space more functional and makes it easier and faster to complete your task. The Kitchen and Bath Association recommends a minimum travel distance of 48 inches when the cooking area has an island.

Click here to know more about the different layouts that you can follow based on the square footage and shape of your kitchen space such as L-shape, U-shape, Galley kitchen layout and more that are suited for small kitchen makeovers.

Building A Pantry Around Your Refrigerator

small kitchen remodel ideas before and after

One option that many people don’t think of is building a pantry around their refrigerator instead of placing it in one corner, a great way to maximize the space as well as make it more efficient.

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This will give you more room for cooking utensils and food storage, which means that everything will stay organized and easy to find. You can also add extra shelving or even put in a microwave if you have the room.

It will also allow for better flow throughout the whole area as you won’t have wasted space because all of your appliances are in one place. That means no more trying to figure out where everything goes when guests come over!

Opening Up Your Kitchen

small kitchen remodel ideas before and after

Many people who live in small homes want to make their kitchens more functional and inviting. One of the best ways to do this is by having an open concept kitchen, which allows you to design the space so that it flows from one room into another, creating a more spacious feeling.

Aside from that you can keep an eye on what’s happening in the rest of your home as you cook. This can help minimize distractions as well as make cooking feel more like a social event than just something done in isolation.

Adding A Kitchen Island

small kitchen remodel ideas before and after

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If you are looking for more storage space beyond your cabinets and drawers, consider adding an island with an extra sink or drawer organizers built into it for additional storage space for pots or pans. You can also add additional shelving above the island if needed. When deciding whether or not to add an island, make sure there is enough room for it; otherwise it could take up too much space if not planned properly beforehand.

Raising Kitchen Cabinets

small kitchen remodel ideas before and after

Raising your cabinets to the ceiling is a great way to give your small space kitchen a facelift without breaking the bank. It’s also a fantastic way to create more storage space, which is something that all kitchens could use more of.

Cabinets all the way to the ceiling will also give the illusion of a larger room.

This is something that can be done without changing any of the walls in your home, and it’s a project that anyone can complete.

Quick Tips  For Kitchen Remodel Projects

When it comes to designing a small kitchen area, there are two main things that you need to consider: the change of  layout or the change of style.

Changing the layout may mean moving walls or placing appliances in different places while changing the style means choosing cabinets, appliances, lighting fixtures, hardware, changing the paint colors and countertops that complement each other and reflect your personal taste.

Get a good idea of what type of style and design that you want for your space. There are many different types of styles such as modern or traditional, so take some time and think about what type of style would look best in your home.

Choose the materials for your cabinets and countertops. There are many different types of materials available such as wood, granite or marble; so choose something that works best for you!

Install a kitchen planner and design software. There are lots of tools online that will help you plan your design, including software that can be used on a website or downloaded onto your computer. These tools will allow you to sketch out your ideas in 3D and then generate an estimate for the cost of building it.

The final step is finding someone who will install everything for you! It’s important that whoever does this has prior experience installing similar projects; otherwise it may not turn out well at all.


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