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Small Living Room Organization Ideas and Storage Hacks

Small Living Room Organization Ideas and Storage Hacks is about organizational methods that I used to keep my small living room organized.  Aside from that, I also added space saving living room furniture and fixtures that provided additional storage space that definitely were a big help to keep an organized living room. The living room or also known as the family room is a space in your home that is used for many purposes such as for entertaining, for relaxing, for eating and sometimes for exercising. These are the also the same reasons why keeping an organized living room can be difficult to many especially if you have a smaller space.

Given that your living room has so many functions, it may have also become a space that is prone to adding even more unneeded clutter such as piles of mail, unread magazines and books, clothes, toys and maybe even exercise equipment. This is why the living room often ends up with so much clutter! Fortunately, there are a lot of living room essentials that you can buy that will help you to maximize your living space and at the same time provide you with storage space that is vital for a small living room.

Below are the 6 organizing steps that I personally used and I hope that these will also help you to get your small living organized and to have it stay organized!

6 Easy Small Living Room Organizing Steps

1. Remove Items That Do Not Belong!

Take a bag or a bin with you and go around the room. Take out anything that isn’t needed, doesn’t belong in your living room and things that contribute to the messiness in your living area and place it in the bin. Return and place items that belong in another room to their rightful spot. Then, return living room items into their respective places such as putting back throw pillows on the couch and remote controls back to their holder.

2. Sort Your Collection and Keep It Small

In my article, 10 Amazing Living Room Ideas Discovered From Our Small Living Room Remodel, one of the common decorating mistakes is to make our living rooms a show room of our precious collections whether it’s books, dvd’s, photos, etc. Aside from that, your collections have the potential to give a cluttered look to your living room.  Below are some small living room ideas that you can do to avoid making your living room a showcase room:

  • Sort Your Movie Collection – Multimedia such as DVDs, videotapes, and CDs are essentials for the family room. Sorting through your collection can take up 30 minutes to an hour depending on how many collections you have. Make three piles of your collections, one to donate, one to sell, and one to keep. It’s time to give up if you don’t listen to the music anymore or haven’t seen the movie in years (and no desire to watch it again). Below are some of the many options to store your DVD collection:

Atlantic 80 Disk Storage Manager - Protect and Organize Media, Durable Hard Plastic in Black, PN85012055 80 Disk Storage Manager – Space Saving Media Organizer with a Disc Index system which allows you to easily locate your disc.

128 Capacity CD Case Holder DVD Storage Binder by CCidea Silk Glossy Cloth CD Wallet (Red) 128 Capacity CD Case Holder DVD Storage Binder – This CD storage binder can easily place inside the TV stand cabinet which will make your living room more tidy.

Bellagio-Italia Black DVD Storage Binder Set - Stores Up to 96 DVDs, CDs, or Blu-Rays - Stores DVD Cover Art - Acid-Free Sheets Stores DVD Cover ArtIf you have a 2-Tier coffee table and you want to maximize its usage, store your media collection into this decorative DVD storage binder and place it in the lower level shelf of your coffee table.

  • Use Photos Creatively – You don’t want to have too many small photo frames cluttering your family room. It’s time to get rid of them all. You can store many photos in photo albums or collage frames. A digital frame, which is particularly useful for people who don’t have film, is a great option for organizing them. Use vertical space on the wall, not just the side tables or mantel.

Nixplay 10.1 Inch Smart Digital Picture Frame, Share Video Clips and Photos Instantly via E-Mail or App Smart Digital Picture Frame – No need to print out all your beautiful photos, all you need to do is to share it from your phone or by email to the digital picture frame.


Photo Album 4x6 500 Pockets Photos, Extra Large Capacity Family Wedding Picture Albums Holds 500 Horizontal and Vertical Photos (500Pockets, Black) Extra Large Capacity Photo Album –  If you want to keep a good number of your memorable photos in your living room better to keep in one photo album and place it in the lower level of your coffee table. just like what I did!


3. Get Rid Of Everything

After you have cleaned out your living room and sorted your living room essentials, you can now pick up something that you don’t like such as a throw rug that was not your style, throw things out that are of no use like an old chair that’s broken, and sell or donate items that you do not need but are still in good condition. Letting go of things that you do not need can create space in your living room. If you use the space that you gained back from letting go of unnecessary things in an organized manner, you can now transform your small living room space where you gather as a family. Remember, a well-organized living room can be a place of refuge for your whole family!

4. Small Living Room Organization Ideas: Giving A Permanent Home To Your Living Room Essentials

In my article, How To Stay Organized At Home The Japanese Way, one of the ways to stay organized is to give every essential item a permanent home. And one of the key steps in finding a place for everything and putting everything in its place is storing essentials items where you use them. Therefore, all your living room essentials should have a permanent home in your living room from your living room fixtures, remote controls and decorative knick knacks!

  • Organization Ideas For  Your Remote Controls and Small Living Room Accessories – There are a lot of creative ways for how you can store your remote controls. In my case, I used a decorative tray to give a permanent home for remote controls as well as to display my small living room accessories without making my living room look cluttered.center piece
  • Designate a game area – My husband’s family likes to play games and every time we have family gatherings in our house, we always end up playing games. So what I did is to designate one side of my TV cabinet to store all of our game boards.  And if you have a sofa that has a skirt, this is a also a great space to store them!
  • Create A Play Zone – If you have kids and they use your living room as their play area, it is only appropriate to assign a play zone by transforming your underutilized corners of your family room into a great play area. However, it is important to encourage your child to pick up their toys after they are done playing. Use a decorative rolling cabinet to store their toys to make it part of your living room like the following:

BIRDROCK HOME Rolling File Cabinet - Storage Organizer Box with Lid - Home Office Decor - Decorative Organize - Letter Legal Hanging Filing Container - Strong Durable Toy Pillow (Brown Wash) Decorative Organizer – This keeps your kids toys out of sight when they are done playing.



Christopher Knight Home Mateo Traditional Home Office Fabric File Storage Ottoman, Blue

Fabric File Storage Ottoman – A dual function Ottoman is always  a great addition to your living room plus it provides a perfect place to store your kids toys. When it is time to play, your kids can easily move the Ottoman around because it has plastic caster wheels.

  • Hide A small pet bed with flair – If you have a small house, you are most likely to place your pet bed in the living room because of space limitations. Therefore, it is important to designate a place dedicated for your beloved pet. Choose a pet bed that is space saving and that can also be used as a decorative piece of  furniture in your living room.

Fhasso Luxury Cat Bed - Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo, Handmade Cat Cave Bed with Washable Velvet Cushion - Enclosed Premium Pet Bed - Modern, Decorative Design Luxury Bamboo Cat Bed – This is a cat bed that is chick and decorative and can make a good contemporary accent piece in your contemporary living room.


Yechen Cat House Side Table, Cats Furniture Cabinet, Cat Litter Box Enclosure, Nightstand Pet House with Drawer and Pad, Litter Box Furniture, Indoor Cat House Cat House Side TableThis functional cat house hides your cat’s pet bed or litter box. Use it as an end table in your living room as it blends with your home decor.

5. Organization Ideas To Control The Out-Of-Control Cords In Your Small Living Room

Tangled cables will always be a problem behind entertainment centers until everything becomes wireless.  Fortunately, there are many options to manage cords in the family area such as:

  • Command Large Cord Clips, Organize Damage-Free, 4-Packs, 8-Clips Total Hook Cords To The Back Of  Your TV Cabinet – Dangling cords disappear quickly when you attach them to the back of your TV cabinet. Use Command Cord Clips, and attach them to the back edges of your TV cabinet. You’ll need to press down on the clips for 30 seconds. After that, one or more cords can be attached and run along the console’s legs.
  • Simple Cord Cable Concealer On-Wall Cord Cover Raceway Kit - Cable Management System to Hide Cables, Cords, or Wires - Cord Organizer for Wall Mounted TVs and Computers at Home or in The Office Hide TV Wires Using Cord Covers – Cord covers can be used to hide cords hanging from your TV’s wall mount.These plastic tracks mount on top of wires and attach directly to the wall.
  • D-Line Quarter Round Cable Raceway, Self-Adhesive Baseboard Molding Alternative, Light Oak Wood, 6 x 6.5ft Lengths Per Pack (39 Feet Total) Hide Them Through Baseboard Accessories – You can eliminate the danger of tripping from an internet cable running through your living room, bedroom, or home office by adding baseboard cord channels to existing baseboards.
  • PowerBridge TWO-CK Dual Outlet Recessed In-Wall Cable Management System with PowerConnect for Wall-Mounted Flat Screen LED, LCD, and Plasma TV’s Run TV Wires Behind The Wall Using Recessed Cable Plates – The best solution to keep your TV cords out of sight is hiding them behind the wall itself just like what we did.

    During the renovation of our living room, I made sure that hiding of TV cords was part of my design plan.

6. Organization Ideas: Keep Your Flat Surfaces In Your Living Clutter Free At All Times

Keep your flat surfaces like your coffee table, fireplace mantle, and floor free from clutter at all times. Take a quick sweep on all flat surfaces and remove everything that does not belong in your living room and put them back into the their respective place and do this for all of your living room essentials. Next, put the papers in a bin and sort and purge as needed. Always make it a habit to pick up what your loved ones forgot but make sure that you bring this to their attention until they become used to it. This is an essential part to helping your living room to stay organized.

12 Organization Storage Ideas For Small Living Room

Below are some of the space saving living room furniture and fixtures that will give you additional storage space in your small living room. Additional storage space that will help you to store your living room essentials to make your space clutter free at all times.

1. Floating Shelves:

Organization Storage Ideas For Small Living Room – You need creative solutions for small spaces. Make use of the space that is not big enough to fit furniture but is big enough to hang floating shelves. You can also try a corner shelf unit that takes up less space.

Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves Wall MountedAmazon


 Wood Wall Storage ShelvesAmazon

Storage Shelves Living RoomAmazon
Corner Wall Shelves

 2-Tier Wood Wall ShelfAmazon


Corner Wall ShelvesAmazon5 Tier Rustic Wood Floating Shelves Amazon

2. Choose a TV stand with storage

Your flat-screen TV will look its best when it is free from clutter and cables. If you wish to display accent decor, look for TV stands with storage. For arranging multiple electronics in one place, large entertainment centers are ideal. Many TV stands have cutouts for cord management. This allows you to conceal cables and protect your family from potential electrical hazards.

3. Living Room Organization Ideas: Couch Caddy

Everything you need is within reach. These couch holder can hold your remote, beverage, and a newspaper.

4. Storage Bench: Organization Storage Ideas For Small Living Room

They’re not just for entryways and mud rooms. Storage benches are a fashionable addition to your living room. A storage bench can be used in the living room to provide additional seating as well as to store knitting materials, toys, and board games.

5. Add Storage to a Stylish Hutch

A living room storage cabinet, such as a hutch or a bookcase, can help you keep your toys, books, games, and blankets organized. A hutch is a great way to save space and organize your belongings when guests are visiting.

6. End tables with storage space

For additional living space organization, you can use lift-top or drawer-equipped end tables. These tables are great for organizing remotes, chargers and books.

7. Spare blankets: Ottomans and Baskets

A well-placed ottoman or basket will make your living space more organized. You can store blankets, crafts supplies, movies, and books inside.

8. Coffee Table Function

It’s time for a reassessment of your coffee table organization capacity. If your coffee table doesn’t have enough storage space for magazines, remote controls, or drink coasters, it is likely to make life harder. Choose a coffee table with storage or a 2-Tier coffee table, a coffee table with a lower-level shelf will maximize storage as it provides space to store decorative baskets that contains small items such as books, board games, or photo albums.

9. Use your old suitcases to make end tables

Recycled suitcases can be used as end tables. This is a great way for more storage in your living space. It also provides additional storage space for books, candles and drinks. Place them at the height you prefer next to your armchair or sofa.

Small Living Room Organization IdeasImage Source: PinterestSmall Living Room Organization IdeasImage Source: PinterestSmall Living Room Organization IdeasImage Source: Pinterest

10. Large Bookcases: Organization Storage Ideas For Small Living Room

Create a bookcase that is floor to ceiling and place your furniture in front of the bookcase. This will allow you to organize your living space and make it easier to store books, movies and other small items. To store toys, you can use bins on the lower shelves.

Small Living Room Organization IdeasAmazonSmall Living Room Organization IdeasAmazonSmall Living Room Organization IdeasAmazon
Small Living Room Organization IdeasImage Source: PinterestSmall Living Room Organization IdeasImage Source: PinterestSmall Living Room Organization IdeasImage Source: Pinterest

11. Shelf behind-the-Couch

Make a shelf between your couch, and the wall. This space can be used to store remotes, books, candles and lamps.

12. Hang plants from the ceiling

You can save space by moving houseplants and succulents from tables to hanging planters. This not only looks great, but also keeps your plants up.

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