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Small Space Decorating Ideas For Apartments And Studios

They say that when life serves you with lemons, you should make yourself the best lemonade possible. It is easy to decorate a large home, but that doesn’t mean the small one can’t be cozy and stylish. All it takes is several good small space decorating ideas to make your apartment or studio your small piece of heaven. Here are several of them you should think about.

Glass partition wall that creates more rooms

Transparent walls are very popular in homes of all sizes, but when it comes to smaller homes, they are very useful. First, they can create more rooms yet not make the space seem tiny. You could have a small living room with a corner separated by a glass partition where you could put a bed. These walls offer the comfort of having a separate room for basic human needs such as sleeping, eating, and relaxing, but not at the cost of making the apartment feel even smaller.

 A classy-looking apartment with a bedroom separated by a glass partition wall which is one of the great small space decorating ideas.

Glass partitions are great for adding more rooms and privacy in a small apartment without making it feel even smaller.

A loft bed above the living room space

A large bed in a small apartment? It is possible, with a bit of imagination, especially if the ceiling is a bit higher than usual. To add a bedroom with a large bed in a studio, for example, you should try thinking vertically. A loft bed can be installed above the living room space. That arrangement looks both very interesting and adds useful square footage that your small apartment has been missing. It isn’t exactly the cheapest investment, but given the benefit of being able to sleep comfortably in a spacious bed, it is well worth it.

small space decorating ideas

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Use light colors to make the apartment seem larger

When struggling with small space decorating ideas, it is recommended to use every visual trick in the book to make it seem bigger. One of those tricks has to do with colors. The rule is clear – darker colors make the space seem smaller and vice versa. Unless you are looking to build a man cave where you want to introduce black and other dark hues as a statement color, it would be best to stick to white, beige, and all other bright colors. These soft tones are great on the eyes too. Calm pastels and neutrals, for example, are colors that rest the eyes, so they are great to be surrounded with at home.

A studio with white and light grey as dominating colors.

Light colors make the space seem bigger and have a relaxing effect on the eyes.

Well-placed mirrors make small spaces seem bigger

The previously mentioned ideas are not the most inexpensive to carry out and are more permanent. That is not always an option, especially when you want to spruce up your rental, for example. But there are other ways to bring style into the apartment you are renting or to decorate your own one but on a budget. Mirrors are a great solution when you want a change that is not super expensive but is effective. They visually give off the impression that they are passages into other rooms instead of only reflective surfaces. When you hang them in the right place, they will add space where there is none. And sometimes, even an illusion of a larger space is enough for the mind to get rid of feeling confined.

A hall with one wall completely covered in mirrors.

One of the great small space decorating ideas is using mirrors to increase your square footage visually.

One of the best small-space decorating ideas is to opt for multi-functional furniture

Multi-functional pieces of furniture are priceless in small apartments and studios. They serve the purpose of several furniture items but take up space of only one. With multi-functional furniture, you can secure a lot of storage space as well as sufficient sleeping and eating areas. Wall-mounted beds take up very little of your floor space. They can be made to complement the apartment décor by resembling an interesting wall covering. When the time comes to go to bed, you simply pull down your vertically stored bed, and suddenly, you’ll have a sleeping area of a decent size.

When it comes to other items in your home, choose those that offer their empty inner cavities as storage space. These are usually sofas, ottomans, coffee tables, and pretty much anything with a hollow interior. Many furniture manufacturers have special product lines for small spaces constructed with multi-functionality as a leading principle in the process. These pieces usually look great, too, so choosing them will not come at the price of aesthetics.

Minimalism suits apartments and studios best

Let’s face it, no matter what you do, putting too much stuff into your small apartment will make a living in it very uncomfortable. Minimalism is the key to achieving a snug atmosphere in a tiny living space. Not only should you apply it to the furniture and little decorative items you arrange on it, but to your belongings in that small home as well. There are many great ways to efficiently organize a small closet, but when you put too many clothes in it, nothing can ever make it look tidy. The smartest thing you can do if you live in not so big home is to declutter regularly. You’ll be amazed how well that practice will make you feel over time.

Visually separate the space according to its purpose

One of the pieces of advice coming straight from architects is to separate rooms by making each one has its separate type of flooring. You don’t need walls to highlight rooms in a studio. You can segment your home into rooms by introducing different flooring and different color schemes for each one. This type of decorating is different and fun, yet by no means shrinking in terms of available space.

Final thoughts

Even though your little castle may be a bit too tiny, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring and unstylish. With these small space decorating ideas, you can have your apartment or studio look fabulous while offering you all you need to live a comfortable life. Maybe you won’t be able to hold large parties in it, but with a bit of effort, you’ll make it so comfortable and practical that you’ll love every minute spent in it. And what more can one want from home?

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