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The Best Baby Doll Storage and Playroom Organization Ideas

This guide to baby doll storage and playroom organization ideas is all about the many different best toy storage ideas that will help you to organize your kid’s play area. Putting their toys in order such as their favorite American girl dolls, Barbie dolls, doll clothes, small toys and their never ending craft supplies can be a time-consuming process, especially if you only have limited floor space in their playroom.

Kids’ playrooms whether big or small need organization just like any other part of your home. Having small spaces will never be a valid reason why you have a disorganized space. In fact, the smaller your space is the greater your need to come up with the best and creative ways to keep everything organized. Besides, having children around should never be a reason to fill up your entire house with clutter. Why? Because being organized is not only for you and your kids safety but it also helps in preventing you from having unnecessary stress that comes from having a disorganized space. The good news is that there are a lot of storage solutions that you can choose from that will help you to organize your kids’ playroom.

Organizing your kids’ playroom is a great idea whether its in your living room or in your children’s room. However, this does not mean to just put everything inside a big storage container and your done. If you do this, you will create for yourself the never ending work of putting everything in their toy storage containers. This is because your kids will have no choice but to empty their toy box every time they are looking for toys that they would like to play with. Organizing kids toys whether its your little girls favorite baby doll collection, puzzle pieces, toy cars or board games is more than just buying several plastic bins or plastic containers and then putting everything inside without any system or method.

Hiding or putting things inside toy boxes is not organizing at all. Organizing is a system that you need to follow to properly sort items from necessary to unnecessary or things that do not belong. Organizing is about finding not only a place but the right place for every essential in order for your organizing journey to be a success. Successful organization is not only making your space look neat and tidy but by making your everyday tasks easy to accomplish. Therefore, your living space whether you have limited space or a lot of space will stay organized at all times.

My article about crayon storage ideas provides in-depth information about how to organize your kid’s art space a.k.a. play area. There are 5 steps to follow in order to come up with an organization system based on your storage needs plus tips on how to make cleaning a fun game time and most especially how your kids needs to be involved in keeping their space organized. Maintaining an organized home is not one man job, it takes the whole family to accomplish it.

Once you have identified your storage needs you should then be ready to buy organizing products for your kids toys. Below are some great storage ideas for your little girls’ baby doll collection, matchbox cars collection of your little boy or anything that makes your kids active.

Baby Doll and Other Toy Storage Ideas

Hanging Over The Back Of A Door Organizer – This is an easy way to utilize the back of your kids’ bedroom door to store their plush baby dolls. It comes with 5 large compartments. Each compartment has a zipper on the sides that offers dust-proof protection and it has a transparent window that allows your to see their toys in an instant. It also offers enough space to store larger toys like stuffed animals aside from keeping their toys within reach.

Rolling Cart 3-Tier Toy Organizer – This colorful storage basket with smiley face design will encourage your kids to store their toys inside the basket. It has a u-shaped opening which makes it easy for your kids to put in and take out their toys. This cart can also be part of their playmate buddy as they can easily move this cart to the place where they want to play. Just remind them to put the cart back to where it belongs when they are done playing.

Book and Toys Organizer In One – If your kids like to read books aside from playing with their toys this space saving 2-in-1 organizer is for you. It comes with 3 storage racks suitable for books, coloring books, board games and others. Plus it has 6 storage bins which give enough storage space for their toys which provides easy accessibility and visibility to the toys.

  • Assign each bin to become the permanent home for each type of toys or craft supplies that you want to be accessible to your kids through the use of the labeling method. To get your kids involved in keeping things in order, ask them how they want to name each bin and label the bin with that name. Your kids will be thrilled with the idea that their favorite toys have a permanent home just like them. By doing this, your kids will think that putting their toys in their respective bins is still part of the same game they were playing.
  • You can also utilize the use of images or pictures as labels to help your little ones to know what container they need to grab to get the toys they want. This also helps to let them know where to put their toys back after they are through playing.

5 Cubbies Kids Toy Storage Organizer – The height of this toy organizer has been carefully designed for the little ones which allows them to put toys or book on the top shelf without assistance. The bookshelf has 2 shelves on the right side and 3 square cubbies on the left which makes them an ideal storage area for their books and toys. The 2 storage bins with handles are the best place for your kid’s small items like action figures and other small game pieces, while the large shelves are a great home for your kids stuffed animal zoo collection or plush baby dolls. Another good thing about this cabinet, aside that it can be fixed to the wall for added safety, is that you can utilize the spacious top to place a wicker basket or small basket that are ideal for holding various small items of your little ones.

4-Tier Kids Storage Organizer for Toys with 14 Removable Bins – If you have dedicated that extra room for your kids’ playroom and space is not a problem, this large 2-in-1 storage cabinet is for you because it has14 removable bins and a bookshelf. One of the benefits of using this type of storage cabinet is that it is thoughtfully designed for kids. It can help in the development of your children being independent because they can put their toys in the cabinet without the need of assistance. This will assist them in building a good habit of reading and storing their toys and books in their respective bins, a habit or skill that will be useful for their entire lives. This is on top of the fact that it will help you to have an organized home.

Toy Storage with 12 Plastic Bins – Another storage unit organizer that provides your children easy accessibility and visibility for their toys. You might be opted to use tall storage cabinets because these will definitely save some of your floor space and utilize the vertical space. However, the higher the location of their toy container the more you prohibit your children from getting involved in cleaning up after they are done playing. Short toy storage organizers with open top bins are the best way to store all your kids baby dolls, tiny toys, card games and art supplies because your kids will be able to easily see them without your assistance. It will also be easier for your kids to put their toys into their respective bins after they are done playing.

Stacking Drawer Storage For Toys – Does your daughter have a good collection of L.O.L. surprise dolls? This stacking drawer is the great place to store her precious collection. This organizer is built to stack securely, allowing you and your daughter to combine many units to build storage in any configuration you and your daughter need. This makes it a perfect place for her collection. Aside from that, these drawers may be placed under your daughter’s study or play table or within a storage cabinet.

Kid and Doll Clothes Storage Organizer In One – This comes with 8 bright colored cubes and 2 hanging sections with fun designs which provide enough storage space for your daughter’s clothes and her doll’s clothes. Assign one cube or two at the bottom to store her doll’s clothes collection and to create more space for her, add a doll garment rack and wooden dolls clothes hanger inside each cube to allow your daughter to organize her doll’s clothes. This will be a fun way for your daughter to learn how to put her toys in order.

Furniture Cabinet Organizer – This is dresser that is ideal for the nursery, kids room and small spaces. The 5 removable drawers can be used for toy storage if you want everything out of sight. Just make sure that you put labels or picture of the items stored inside each drawer as labels help your kids to know what drawer they need to access when they are looking for a particular toy or item.

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

Stackable Plastic Organizer Box – If your kid likes to build things and is a Lego fanatic, a good size plastic container is suitable storage for their Lego pieces. The Lego storage container will keep these small pieces organized and make it easier for your child to access them and at the same time, easier for them to drop the pieces in when they’re finished. There are two ways to store in this container, one is by stacking them and second is by simply placing the container in one of open shelves of their short cube storage organizer.

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

40 Doll Dream House Toy Box and Playmat – If your daughter has a good collection of Barbie dolls, this 40 doll dream house is for her. It is not only great that she can play with it but it also serves as a space to store her 40 Barbie dolls once she is done playing. This storage solution can be turned into Barbie’s doll house by just unzipping the side and then zip back up when she is done playing so it can again become the perfect storage for her 40 Barbie dolls. The storage bag fits nicely into her cube storage cabinet which makes it one of the best baby doll storage ideas.

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

Barbie Store It All – This is a great way to store 20 Barbie dolls, Barbie’s clothes and shoes in one storage. The wheels and handles make it easier to move around the house and easier to move the container full of Barbie dolls back to where it belongs.

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

Kids Closet Organizer- with Accessory Keepers – This is the great way to organize your daughter’s American Girl stuff collection. It is a free-standing and rolling 18″ doll storage system that can perfectly hold not only her doll’s clothing but also her clothing and accessories. It comes with 12 white hangers, 4 shoe and accessory keeper clips and 4 accessory mini bags. This is truly a good doll storage system because it cannot only hold many outfits and accessories but also will keep all of them neat and organized.

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

60 Adjustable Compartments 6 Layers Stackable Storage Container – If your children are fascinated with small toys, this storage organizer is perfect to store all of your kids’ small cars and small dolls. It is compatible with LOL Toys Accessories and dolls, Beyblades, kawaii squishies, Tsum Tsum figures, Littlest Pet Shop or Shopkins. There are six tiers of storage, each with 60 sections that may be adjusted and you have an option to add more layers as you want.

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

Storage Rack For Outdoor Toys – If you have active kids that like outdoor activities, this storage rack is the best storage solution for bulky items such as balls, baseball bat, helmet, scooter and other outdoor toys. It will not only make your garage look organized but will also keep all of your kids outdoor toys in one place.

Great Toy Storage Ideas In The Living Room

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

Two Tier Coffee Table with Rattan Storage Baskets, 40 Inch – The two rattan storage baskets that come with the coffee table are great storage for your children’s toys in the living room. The basket provides enough space to hold a good amount of toys and at the same time provides an easier way to put back their toys inside the basket once they are done playing. You don’t need to buy a new coffee table by the way if your existing coffee table has a bottom shelf, just simply buy a decorative basket that fits inside the bottom layer of your coffee table.

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

Utilize One Side Of Your TV Console Cabinet – If you have kids, they are most likely to play in the living room even though you might have an allocated space for them. And because of this, there are some toys that are practical for you to store within the living room area to make organizing easier. This means you need to designate a spot within the living room dedicated to store these toys. For example, allocate one side of your TV console cabinet dedicated to store your kids toys but just remember to put the same toys back in the exact spot where you put them the first time. In this way, you are training your kids to know where to look for each toy and where to put them back once they’ve been used. To have an organized home, it’s not just the job of one person. It needs the whole family involvement to make it work!

Bookcase Toddler Storage Organizer Cabinet Shelf – If you have enough space in your living room that you can dedicate as your kids play space, you may want to add low furniture or what is known as a toddler storage organizer. This is a cabinet that is ergonomically designed for kids to allow them to access and put their toys away without the need for assistance. Define the area by using a colorful rug to separate the play space from the main living room and accessorize the kids area with a nice colored pouf or a bean bag chair. In this way, the kids are visually aware where they can play with their toys in the living room and most especially where they need to put their toys back.

under bed

Tip: Kid’s under bed space is a great space to use as a storage area for their toys. There are a lot of under bed storage containers that you can buy that will help you with your kids toy storage needs. All you need to do is to know the width, length, and most significantly, the height between the floor and the bottom front rail or bottom side rail of your bed. Once you know these number, look for organizing containers that have easy accessibility designs. This are usually container with drawers, wheels or with handles. Below are some of the under bed containers that can be used as storage for your kids baby doll and other toys:

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

Under Bed Storage Toy Organizer Bin with Lid and Handle – Your child will be thrilled thinking that all his or her favorite toys are all in one place and literally under his or her bed.

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

Under Bed Storage Drawer – This design combination of drawer and wheels means easy accessibility and visibility for all of their favorite toys stored under their bed.

Baby Doll Storage Ideas

Shoes Container Box with Clear Cover – This is a great organizer to store your kids small toys. Each small toy will have its compartment which makes everything easy to see.

I hope that this guide will help you to find some inspiration on how you would want to store your kids beloved toys in order to keep your living space organized.

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