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How To Use Under Bed Space As A Storage Area

The under bed space is one of the dead or unused spaces in your home that can be used as a storage area, if you utilize it properly. “Properly” means that you need to keep it as clean and as organized as possible, if you want a successful transformation of under bed space into a storage area. The under bed space must not be dirty, should not have smelly gym clothes and crumpled papers. If it does, you need to empty and clean it first, before considering to use your under bed space as your storage area. After doing this, make sure that every item that you store under the bed is inside the storage containers and with a specific storage space.

Storage Containers for Under Bed Space

There are things that you need to know before you start buying under bed storage containers. You need to know the dimension of your bed, the width, the length and most importantly the height in between the floor and bottom front rail or bottom side rail as shown in the picture below.

under bed

By knowing these measurements, you will be able to identify the following:

  • what type of storage products to buy
  • what sizes of storage you need
  • how many storage bins to buy

Therefore, it is important to write down all the information on a sheet of paper. Set your budget of how much you are willing to spend for under bed storage containers before heading out in your nearest home goods store or search for storage bins online. And when selecting under bed storage bins or containers, look for products that are easy and convenient to use as well as containers that will help you maximize the usage of under bed space.

Here are some of the guidelines when buying storage containers for under bed storage:

  • Easy Accessibility Design (Drawers & Rolling Cart): Bins or containers with wheel design and or smooth gliding drawers and pull features are always nice to have. This will allow you to retrieve stored items easily.
  • With Multiple Handles and Dust Proof Features: Bins with multiple handles help you to slide the bin in and out from under bed as well as allowing you to position the bin horizontally or vertically. Bins with zipper enclosures are always preferred to protect your stuff from dust.
  • With Label Pocket or With Easy Viewing Window: This will help you identify what items are stored in each container without opening it.
  • Sturdy and with Stackable Features: Stackable features allow you to utilize every inch of your under bed space and of course you want containers that you can use for a long time.

Note: Under bed storage bins/containers do not need to be expensive and do not need to be pretty.

What Items to Store Under Your Bed

The good thing about utilizing your under bed space as a storage area is help to put your rarely used items close and convenient when you need them. Below are the ideal items to store underneath your bed:

  • Out of Season Clothes: This will give you quick access when the right season comes.
  • Shoes for Special Occasions or Seasonal Shoes: Putting your special occasion shoes under the bed will create a space for the shoes you most frequently use in your closet.
  • Extra Bedding or Seasonal Linens: Linens and Bedding takes up a lot of space in your closet, so it will be a no-brainer for you to store the extra bedding or linens under your bed.
  • Luggage: You can store items inside the luggage but make sure to put the items inside a bin first. When the time comes that you need the luggage, you can just take out the stored items without a hassle.
  • Toys: For kids under bed space, put the toys they use often in an under bed drawer or storage cart with rolling drawers for easy accessibility.

How Items should be Stored and Arranged Under Your Bed

You need to put related items together or items under the same family or usage in one or specific storage bin. For example, designate a bin or container for your sweaters, for your extra linens, etc. As much as possible, do not put different item categories into one bin. This will help you to eliminate opening up a lot of bins when you are looking for specific items.

Even though you can see items inside of a container, it’s still a good idea to put a label on each container. This will make it even easier for you to know what items are stored there. It is also ideal but not necessary, to make a list of items inside each container.

Map out the placement of each container under your bed and attach the list that you made. The out of sight out mind concept is a reality. The map will help you to know the exact location of a container that you need so that you can access a particular item that you are looking for. Put the map and the list inside the drawer of your bed side table.

bed storage map

Note: Books that you love to read before going to bed can also be placed under your bed. Ideally it should be inside an under bed drawer where it allows you to access them easily.

Utilizing the under bed space as storage area is a great way to gain additional space without spending a dime. Storage bins/containers are a great tool to transform your under bed space into a storage area, plus, they help keep your under bed space clean and organized.


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