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How To Make A Whole-House Cleaning Schedule That Is Easy To Follow (Free Downloadable Checklist)

The simplest way to stay organized at home is to make cleaning a regular part of your routine.  One of the many ways to help cleaning become part of your everyday life is to make a whole-house cleaning schedule that is based on your needs and your time availability. In this way, you will be motivated to stick to a cleaning schedule.

In my previous articles Why Cleaning Keeps Your Home Organized and How To Stay Organized At Home The Japanese Way, I mentioned different reasons why cleaning helps to get organized and stay organized. Cleaning will help you to spot useless items and discard them right away and will require you to put things back in order. Therefore, cleaning is a task that you need to make  time to do and you must do it on a regular basis.

Benefits of Making A Whole-House Cleaning Schedule

Making a whole house cleaning schedule is a great tool to have especially if you are just starting the journey of organizing because of the following reasons:

  • Acts as A Reminder – A house cleaning schedule will remind you of what tasks that you need to do within a day, a week or within a month. It will help you not to get overwhelmed because you know that all of the tasks that you need to accomplish will be done at their designated time.
  • Acts as A Great Motivator – A house cleaning schedule encourages you to complete every task listed on the schedule. You will definitely feel a sense of accomplishment every time you  cross out task in your “to do list”. The more you cross out the more you will be focused and motivated to accomplished everything on the schedule.
  • Improve Your Productivity – A house cleaning schedule will give a sense of direction for what needs to be done and therefore help you to manage your time effectively and as a result, you will able to handle various task quickly and efficiently.
  • Help You To Have An Organizing Discipline – A house cleaning schedule if put it into action and consistently followed on time with NO PROCRASTINATION, will lead you to make house cleaning your new habit that eventually will become part of your ORGANIZING DISCIPLINE.

How To Make A Whole House Cleaning Schedule That Is Easy To Follow

A Whole House Cleaning Schedule should be realistic. It should be based on your needs and your time availability.  Below are the step-by-step guides to make a schedule that is easy to follow making your cleaning schedule a success.House Cleaning Schedule

  1. Grab a paper, pen and clipboard – Get ready to go around and look in every room to take notes on what needs to be done for you to have a nice and clean home. Jot down areas that need a frequent and deep cleaning.

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  2. Identify Cleaning Tasks Per Room – Write down all of the cleaning tasks you need to do in each room from ceiling to floor. Take note of rooms or areas that you rarely use like the guest room or a storage area then list those areas as spaces that only need to be cleaned on a seasonal basis.House Cleaning Schedule
  3. Identify Cleaning Frequency Per Room – Decide the how often you would want to clean each room. Consider your lifestyle when determining the frequency of cleaning for your schedule. For example, if you have a pet that sheds a lot, then you probably need to sweep the floor or vacuum the carpet twice a day or as needed. In our case, my husband and I keep our home as clean as possible and sweeping the floor once a week is just right.
  4. Consolidate and Finalize Your Cleaning Schedule – Consolidate all cleaning activities that need to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly and on a seasonal basis.House Cleaning Schedule
  5.  Identify HOW and When To Clean Your Home – After you have identified your cleaning tasks and their frequency, now its time for you to decide how and when to clean your home. There are 3 different ways to put your cleaning schedule into action:
    • For Your Daily Cleaning Tasks – You can identify which tasks can be done in the morning (make bed), in the afternoon and in the evening.
    • For Weekly Cleaning Tasks – You can identify which day or days in week you can accomplish tasks that fall on a weekly cleaning schedule.
    • For Monthly Cleaning Tasks – You can identify which week and day of the month you would want to clean tasks under your monthly cleaning schedule.
    • For Seasonal Cleaning Tasks – You can set it up so that all of your cleaning tasks under seasonal cleaning will be done every 3rd month of the year (March, June, September and December) and what week of that particular month.


  • A Whole-House Cleaning Schedule should not be complicated and should not be based on someone else’s cleaning schedule. It is a totally a personal matter because it will be based on your lifestyle and time availability in order for you to put the cleaning schedule into action. Learn on how to make a cleaning schedule by looking at some of the many cleaning schedule examples that are close to your cleaning style and make it your own. This is the best way to create not only a written cleaning schedule but a cleaning schedule that you will actually stick to.
  • Have the right Cleaning Supplies For A Job –  Invest in some of good cleaning supplies and products to make your cleaning easier and faster.
  • Practice your cleaning schedule – Consider your first month of actually putting your cleaning schedule into action a trial run. Do not expect your schedule to be perfect! Evaluate all of the cleaning activities that you have listed on your schedule. Doing this during the trial run might help you to discover that there are tasks in the daily section that should not be in the daily section or there are tasks in weekly section that should have been in the monthly section.  After dong this, you will then want to adjust or revise your cleaning schedule according to your needs and what you have found out during the trial period. It takes constant practice to get your house cleaning schedule to function smoothly.
  • Making a House Cleaning Schedule will not do any good if you do not make it happen. It needs consistent implementation to form a new way of doing things that eventually will turn into your new household discipline. Crossing off every task that you have accomplished that is listed on your House Cleaning Schedule Checklist will help you to get motivated to get all done on time!GOOD LUCK!!!

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